Spider-Man Is Coming To Disney+, Here’s Everything We Know

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Spider-Man” belongs to Marvel, Marvel belongs to Disney, so “Spider-Man” is streaming on Disney + Or not?!

Spider-Man ” fans can look forward to a pretty bloody third part of the film series with actor Tom Holland. Reason enough for many to look again at the two previous parts! But the fans run into a small problem: Who is streaming “Spider-Man” anyway? The question is actually easy to answer – you might think! But it is seldom easy. We would be happy to explain to you why “Spider-Man” will appear on Disney Plus despite many licensing problems!



“Spider-Man” is coming to Disney Plus!

Wow, we didn’t expect that! We still thought that the “House of the Mouse” could not react particularly child-friendly to resistance and now that: “Spider-Man” is coming to Disney Plus! How did they manage that again? After Netflix made a deal with Sony (Sony has the broadcasting rights for all “Spider-Man” films), Disney didn’t pout in the corner (or bought Sony ice cold), but simply got its own fat company with the company Deal closed! From 2022, all of the “ Spider-Man” to run. That not only involves the new parts with Tom Holland but also the old ones with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The press release mentions other films, including “Jumanji” and “Hotel Transylvania”, but ” Spider-Man ” is definitely the biggest fish that Disney has landed.

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That puts Netflix under quite a bit of pressure again: The streaming giant was once the undisputed king among service providers (but also one of the only ones who were really big and had a lot of money). Since Disney has been actively involved in the market, things are not looking so rosy for Netflix. With the deal with Sony, the company had certainly hoped to gain a clear advantage. But Disney wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t solve the problem quickly in their familiar way: Throw money on it! When “Spider-Man” will stream on Disney Plus is not yet known. We anticipate that it will be so in the course of the next year and we will keep you updated.

“Spider-Man” comes to Netflix.

“Spider-Man” films always came through Sony, be it the “old” films with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield or the new ones with Tom Holland. The very popular animated film ” Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse ” also came from Sony. That’s because Sony has the right to the character “Spider-Man”. More on that later! Now the media company has signed an exclusive contract with Netflix. The deal is very important for Netflix because the streaming giant has lost almost all Marvel productions to the appearance of Disney as its own streaming service! The fact that at least the latest “Spider-Man” films will also be shown on Netflix, in any case, gives the former king of streaming services back a bit of market share. For Marvel fans who have a Disney + account, however, this is more than annoying, after all, all Marvel films build on one another, and ” Spider-Man: No Way Home “will also influence the further course of ALL storylines in the Marvel universe to have.

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“Spider-Man” rights a bit confused.

How does the mess even come about? As already said, Sony owns the rights to “Spider-Man” as a film character. Although the wall-crawler is part of Marvel (and Marvel is part of Disney), it allows Sony to release films about Spider-Man without having to work with Marvel or Disney. Since ” The Amazing Spider-Man ” failed the critics at the time, Sony decided to collaborate with Marvel on the latest film series. But nothing more. Who they sell the broadcasting rights to is entirely up to Sony. This has often led to hard friction between Disney and Sony, which almost led to the fact that there was no third party! We’ll see how the “house of the mouse” will deal with Sony in the future – the mega-company usually does not react particularly child-friendly to resistance.

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