‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Doctor Octopus Returns!

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Spider-Man: No Way Home has so far confirmed the arrival of two villains. Hold onto your seats because now Alfred Molina aka Dr. Octopus is returning back to the screen against Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will emerge as a huge challenge for our friendly neighborhood superhero ‘Spider-Man’. In the last part of the film series, the young avenger will at least face two of Spider-Man’s deadly opponents, and it’s no wonder that the third part will be pretty bloody.

With no doubt, one person will be surely responsible for the fresh wounds of the wall-crawler, Alfred Molina. The actor is officially reprising his role of Dr. Octopus in the MCU after months of rumors and speculations. We have seen him playing the same role in Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman 2, where he was seen with four mechanical arms on his back along with his genius mind to destroy Spider-Man.

The Actor Speaks!

In a recent interview, the actor spoke about his role in the latest “Spider-Man” film. Molina revealed that he had a long conversation with the director of the film, Jon Watts, about the possible role Dr. Octopus had in the new part.

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How Is This Possible?

During the events of “Spider-Man 2” with Maguire, “Spider-Man” and Dr. Octopus fight in a warehouse. The superhero managed to bring the villain to his senses in time and ends the dangerous experiment the villain was conducting in the warehouse before the whole city was destroyed.

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Now, here’s the ultra-cool part. Dr. Octopus sacrifices his life to stop the experiment and at this very moment (or shortly before) he ends up – somehow – in the “Spider-Man” universe with Tom Holland. We know that the multiverse plays a big role in the newest part and that “Dr. Strange ”(played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is involved in the film.

A digital makeover, like the one used in “Captain Marvel”, takes care of Molina’s new folds. If that works with Molina, could that mean Tobey Maguire and maybe even Andrew Garfield appear on top of it? The answer could be Yes.

After all: Molina comes from the “Tobey Maguire Universe”, the other villain of the new part, Jamie Foxx, comes from the “Andrew Garfield Universe” – it can’t all be a coincidence, A Spider-Verse is finally coming!

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