Squid Game Season 2: Release Date and Everything We Know

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The Squid Game

In September 2021, the whole world had eyes for only one series: Squid Game. Directed by Hwang Dong-hyeok and broadcast on Netflix, the series through nine episodes has kept millions of moviegoers in suspense.

The Squid Game phenomenon has not left anyone indifferent, even the most refractory to fashion phenomena. Who does not remember the famous phrase “The game can begin…” One, two, three, sun”? No one! A success that has led many fans to demand that the production release a second season for their favorite series.

So what about the fans’ request for Squid Game 2? What could she be talking about? Which actors and actresses will participate in this new outbreak of violence and suspense? Here is some information to guide you.

Squid Game Season 2

Here’s a quick recap of everything about the new season of Squid Game:

  • October 2021: the director Hwang Dong-hyeok indicates to the public that he wants to shoot a season 2 of Squid Game. However, he said the project is stressful and he would need other producers and professionals to accompany him.
  • November 2021: official announcement of a season 2.
  • December 2021: The producer discusses with Netflix the terms of season two of the series. The idea is to succeed in offering a show as successful as the first while projecting on the third season.
  • January 2022: On the 20th of the month, Netflix formalizes the upcoming release of season 2 of Squid Game.

In an interview with Variety, Hwang said it took him six months to write and rewrite the first two episodes of Season 2. At this pace, we imagine that the new season is not for now. According to Digital SPY, its production is expected to begin in February 2022 for a release date that should be in 2023.

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Squid Game 2 Plot

At the moment, there is clearly no clue about the content of season 2 of Squid Game. Director and creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk has also gone in this direction. According to him, it is too early to say when and how this new season should unfold.

Nevertheless, one can project and imagine that the game of squid should make again unhappy. Given that the public is asking hard for more, we expect to see candidates die once again in terrible suffering.

It should also have continuity between the first season and the new one. By Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s admission, Seong Gi-Hun, the only winner of the previous game, will be back in season 2 of Squid Game. He also added that it would do something for the world.

We know the disgust that the protagonist Seong Gi-Hun had for the game of death in which he took part. He may well be looking for a way to put a definitive end to this joyful massacre attended by the VIP spectators in the warmth of their dressing room.

To do this, he could choose to make the famous VIP members taste the same tragic sauce. This, not to mention that a police officer has managed to infiltrate the system in the meantime.

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Squid Game 2 Cast

The most relentless logic is that most of the actors in Season 1 don’t come back unless we’re in a multiverse. Luckily, we’re not at Marvel.

Thus, only Seong Gi-Hun will be back among the participants in the game in the first season. He will surely be accompanied by the officials and those who did not participate in the game. What gives this probable cast for season 2 of Squid Game:

  • Lee Jung-jæ as Seong Gi-hun
  • Wi ha-Joon: Hwang jun-ho/the undercover policeman
  • John David Michaels as VIP1
  • Daniel C Kennedy : VIP2
  • David Lee as VIP3
  • Geoffrey Giuliano: VIP 4
  • Stéphane Mot: VIP5
  • Michael Davis: VIP5

Other actors should be added to them to play new characters. This will give us a new season with a new cast of almost 80%.

Facts of the First Season

The synopsis of the first season starts from an observation: a large number of Seoul residents were either in debt or completely broke. Their escape will be to participate in a game to win a large sum of money (45.6 billion won/38 million euros).

The principle of the game is as simple as child’s play, except that here the losers were condemned to certain death. Participants will discover the horror of this game from the first day. But at that moment, it was impossible to turn back. To get out alive, you have to win the game at all costs.

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It takes place over six days for six different games with the possibility of forming teams. Here are the different games of the first season:

  • One, two, three, sun: Once these words are spoken, the participants who move are systematically shot.
  • Dalgona/Ppopgi: The second game has to do with popular Korean food, the sweet biscuit. The principle is to cut a shape in the biscuit without it cracking, and this in a distributed time. The presence of armed guards is an additional difficulty for the candidates.
  • Tug-of-war/Juldarigi: Also very popular in Korea, this game is often played between two neighborhoods or two cities. In the series, this game is especially the first where players actually compete in order to bring down the opposite side. Here, it is not the force alone that offers victory, but above all the right strategy.
  • The marbles: The objective is to win all the marbles of his buddy in the allotted time. Here, in addition to the right strategy, do not hesitate to make low shots.
  • Glass tiles: You have to choose a number and then walk on glass tiles. Obviously, not all tiles are solid. It is necessary to use tricks to check reliable tiles.
  • The squid: It is played with two teams. One of them must reach a given place while the other must do everything to prevent it. Considered to be a representation of society, this game sees Gi-Hun finally win the game after the suicide of his childhood friend.

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