Star Trek 4: Release date and Everything you need to know

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Star Trek 4

Star Trek 4: Hopes for Star Trek 4 have been whisked after the announcement of a new Star Trek movie by Paramount has hit the news. The movie is said to have no connection with the first 3 movies. 

Back in March 2021, it was verified that Star Trek: Discovery’s Kalinda Vazquez was penning the script for a new Star Trek movie produced by JJ Abrams. It’s since landed a June 9, 2023 release date, but nothing is known about the plot.

Since it’s called an “original movie” there are chances that this new movie may not at all be connected to the first 3 parts. But we can never be too sure since Abrams is working on the movie we can not totally rule out the possibility of the new movie being a sequel to the other 3 movies. 

 Star Trek 4 has already been on quite a ride. First, it was rumoured that there will be no part 4 to Star Trek, but then it was officially announced that it is back on track with Noah Hawley, the creator of Fargo. But, in August 2020 Hawley’s movie was put on hold so we don’t really know what will happen in future.

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Has Star Trek 4 been cancelled?

As mentioned above, we’re thinking that Hawley’s new movie is going to be Star Trek 4 since Hawley said that the reboot cast is returning. The fans have been waiting for too long since the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016. 

However, in early 2020, Simon Pegg had already been pouring cold water on such rumours by saying that he thought the series had “lost momentum” following the tragic death of Anton Yelchin and the underperformance of Star Trek Beyond. Pegg also revealed in an interview that he didn’t think that Hawley’s movie would include the cast of a reboot.

In August 2020, it was disclosed that Hawley’s new movie was no longer a priority to Paramount because apparently, it revolved around a devastating virus. Now, the question arises- What about Star Trek 4? Well, do not lose hope yet. Since Paramount hasn’t officially cancelled the making of Star Trek 4, we still have a little faith in the directors. We can only hope that they are in the process of filming and are keeping it a big secret.

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Despite all the doubts over the fourth movie, star John Cho was convinced it would be made: “To be honest, I mean it’s not happening right now as far as I know, but I just think it will happen. Somebody at some point will all get on the same page and we’ll do it.”

Zachary Quinto, the actor who plays Spock, wasn’t too sure about the fourth part either but he did express how he wanted to go back and film again so he is patiently waiting for the announcement of Part 4. Now with this new Star Trek movie in the works for 2023, it seems unlikely that Paramount would be working on two movies at the same time, so even if Star Trek 4 does happen, don’t expect it anytime soon.

Are there any leads on the footage?

We’d be going all crazy if we had any footage of Star Trek 4. Unfortunately, no there are no leads on the footage from Star Trek 4. Since the movie has not even yet been confirmed it’s really pointless to hope for any sort of footage. As for now, we’ll have to wait for any news on the 4th part of Star Trek. We can’t say anything till it has officially been announced that there is in fact going to be a Star Trek 4.

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