Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Director Expresses Interest in Making Cal’s Saga a Trilogy

Director Stig Asmussen has expressed his desire to turn Cal Kestis’s story into a trilogy. This means that a third and final game could be expected from Respawn Entertainment if Jedi: Survivor performs well. Asmussen spoke in an interview with IGN Unfiltered, saying that even before the release of Jedi: Fallen Order in 2019, discussions about a sequel were already happening.

Asmussen stated, “We were already talking about the second game. I mean, frankly, we were talking beyond. And these are conversations that, when we’re breaking this story with Lucasfilm, it’s like: ‘Well, where are we going with the second game?’” The director has always envisaged Cal Kestis’s story as a trilogy, allowing for exploration into new places.

The team already has ideas for what a third game could entail. Asmussen believes that it’s highly likely that a third game would use Unreal Engine 5, as opposed to Jedi: Survivor’s current Unreal Engine 4. However, this presents its own set of challenges as the team would need to retool some of the proprietary technology for it to work on the new engine.

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In terms of gameplay, Jedi: Survivor promises to improve upon the original, including highly requested features such as fast travel. Respawn is looking to create a game that feels grander in scope, but that still manages to maintain a sense of exploration and discovery.

Fans can finally get their hands on Jedi: Survivor on April 28th, which is when the game is due to launch. Until then, fans can eagerly await the next installment of Cal Kestis’s story, which promises to continue to excite and entertain.

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