Stranger Things 4: They will reveal a secret of Hopper

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Stranger Things 4: Revelarán un secreto de Hopper

Stranger Things 4 is planned to reveal a Hopper secret, which has been in the works since the first season. What will it be?

Stranger Things 4 will not hit the Netflix screen until 2022, news that made fans of the series very sad. However, as the production progresses in its filming, more details about this new season are being released. Now, new information ensures that Hopper has a secret.

By the end of the third season, viewers had been left with the question of whether Hopper really had died or was the prisoner that the Russians have incarcerated. Finally, through a teaser, it was revealed that the character of David Harbour He is alive and ready to step into the new that will happen in Stranger Things 4.

During the promotion of Black Widow, the actor spoke about Stranger Thing 4 and advanced information about Hopper that left everyone with their mouths open. “There is one thing that has great importance in this season, that I have known from the first frame of the first season”revealed the actor. What will it be?

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Hopper’s Secret

“We, me and the Duffer brothers, sat around and speculated like, ‘Wouldn’t this be cool?’ already from the moment we started shooting. So we did not think that we would have a second season, but we have had the opportunity to do it in this one “, stated the actor on Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s very satisfying to have an idea five years ago and now get to the point of ‘Oh, this is the season that we’re going to tell this secret.’ That we were counting in a subtle way and that now we are finally going to put on the table. It’s cool”, said about the secret that Hopper hides and will be discovered in Stranger Things 4.

The truth is that no more details are known about it, but David Harbor also revealed that it is about something from his past and that it is related to the boxes in his attic.

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