Stranger Things Season 4: Eleven’s Other Siblings Might Debut! Deets Inside

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“Stranger Things” All information about season 4

Are you a “Stranger Things” fan? Find out how the fourth season of the popular Netflix series continues!

  • “Stranger Things”: All information about season 4!
    Will the shadow monster return in season 4 of Stranger Things?
  • “Stranger Things”: New teaser for season 4 shows siblings of Elfi!

This is what ALL fans have been waiting for: Finally a sign of life from “Stranger Things” Season 4. The new teaser was uploaded almost an hour ago and it finally reveals a little of what to expect in the new season. Even if “Stranger Things” season 4 comes a lot later than expected, we can’t wait to see how it goes on. There is also an exciting theory about the teaser: The video description on YouTube contains the numbers “002/004”. The number “001/004” was already under the first teaser that we saw in February 2020. That suggests that we will see a total of four teasers from “Stranger Things”. The latest excerpts are really tough!

The teaser shows quite clearly that in “Stranger Things” season 4 we learn more about Elfi’s past and the relationship with her father. We also see in the video that Elfi has quite a few “siblings” who are also all named by numbers! Elfi’s “siblings” are all sitting in a creepy laboratory solving games of skill when their father walks in and says, “Good morning kids, how are you today?” The kids answer in unison that they are doing well and the Elvis father simply says: “Very well. I’m glad to hear that because today I have something special planned for you.”CREEPY! That can’t mean anything good. Meanwhile, the camera pans to a room with the number 11, you can hear excited breathing and shortly afterwards you see Elfie and her father, who says to her: “Eleven, are you listening to me?” Zack, teaser over. Our hearts are pounding with excitement!

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“Stranger Things”: New set photos from season 4 promise a more shadowy world.

There’s news from Hawkins! The Daily Mail has released new set photos of ” Stranger Things ” fourth season, which is currently being shot in Georgia, USA. The photos show a trailer park that is littered with tentacle-like undergrowth that fans recognize as the work of the mind flayer (in the original: “Mindflayer”)! Obviously, the monster is not finished with the clique from Hawkins, because shrewd fans have recognized that the trailer park already appeared in the second season of ” Stranger Things “: Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers wanted to be near the “Forest Hills Trailer Park ”with an informant.

So that means the Mind Flayer will try (again) to get Hawkins under the slimy nails! This time, however, may be even more successful than the times before: The tentacles are located on the set images in the “real” world. Now it can of course be the case that the “shadow world” effects are thrown over later. But it is not the first time that the mind flayer was able to bring these tentacles into the world of Elfie. So we can be curious what kind of dangers the gang has to endure! We now at least know that part of the season where Hopper (David Harbor) is being held. But now we can also be sure that Hawkins will play an important role again. We are really excited!

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“Stranger Things” Season 4: So high is the horror factor.

If you find the other three seasons of “Stranger Things” creepy, then you should get some more pillows to hide in for season four. Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) has revealed that season 4 is not for the faint of heart: “I think most would say it’s the scariest season yet, which I personally love because it’s fun to film.” His colleague Joe Keery (Steve) agrees: “This season – and yes, I say that every time – it is definitely going to be a lot creepier than the other seasons.” In season 4 of “Stranger Things, “there will probably be new villains again and also the Russian army will try to get the Demogorgons under their control. The horror factor in the fourth season will therefore trump the previous seasons with a fairly high probability again! We are already excited, GUYS.

“Stranger Things”: New actor in season 4

For a few days, the “Stranger Things” set has been circulating again and again. The fourth season of the popular Netflix series is currently being shot. The fans noticed a very special character, a newcomer! Levon Thurman-Hawke is the new actor in “Stranger Things”. Does the name sound a little familiar to you? No wonder his older sister is already on the Netflix series. Maya Hawke you all know as “Robin”, the BFF and work colleague of “Steve” (Joe Keery). We are very excited to see what role Levon will play.

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