Stranger Things season 4 first look – and confirmed 2022 release date

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Stranger Things Season 4: Netflix has finally revealed its first proper look of Stranger Things’ long-awaited fourth season.

The streaming giant released a voice-over heavy promo earlier this year, teasing the return of Matthew Modine’s Martin Brenner. The villainous scientists raised all the eleven and other test subjects and were indirectly responsible for unleashing the dreaded Demogorgon upon Hawkins, Indiana.

However, it didn’t offer much to look beyond clinical white walls and surgical now nearing the children. Fortunately, the sci-fi drama’s latest trailer combines old footage with new clips from the most awaited anticipated chapter from Stranger Things.

stranger things season 4 teaser trailer

In the new video from Netflix, you can see all the eleven being restained by some authoritative-looking types. A puffer jacket sporting Jim Hopper wielding a flamethrower and Steve, Robin, Nancy, and co grimacing at something off-screen in a shadowy cabin.

stranger things season 4 teaser trailer
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While the first two seasons of Stranger Things took place in Autumn and winter, its third installment saw Eleven and co-stop a mind flayer possessed Billy from taking over the town, while also thwarting a sinister Russian agency from re-opening the portal to the upside-down area. It took place in the summer of 1985.

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The chapter concluded with Eleven tagging along with Joyce Byers and sons Jonathan as they moved away to start fresh in the wake of Hopper’s supposed death. None of the buyers are currently visible in the teaser. This arises a question which is Did Eleven get separated from them, and if so, how?

So for now it is currently unclear and uncertain that at what time of the year Stranger Things 4 will be set on our screens. The last two chapters of the shows also aesthetically coincided with the season went they aired in. So it seems quite logical that the follow-up will do the same in this case as well.

Currently, the trailer only confirms that the Global phenomenon will return back in 2022. Once there is a single rule-out date, it will be easier to make an educated guess about the entire series. So till then, all we can do is to wait for the series to release.

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At Present Stranger Things, 1-2 is available to watch on Netflix.

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