Stranger Things Season 4 Is Delayed!

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Stranger Things Season 4
  • Shock for all “Stranger Things” fans: The fourth season has officially been postponed! When is she coming now?

While we are busy collecting all information about the fourth season of “Stranger Things” for you, we received a shocking message! Because now it is official: “Stranger Things” will be postponed. It’s not really surprising when you look at the other Netflix series. Season 5 of “Money Heist” has already been postponed – Corona is apparently putting a thick line on the calendar in all Netflix productions! But when can we expect the new season of “Stranger Things” ?!

The actual date of season 4 was April

Actually, season 4 of “Stranger Things” should have come in April – so only a few days would have separated us from the new season, which continues the story of Elfie and Co. under normal circumstances. And so many questions were still open! What happened to Jim Hopper? Will the Byers return to Hawkins? Who is Elfie’s father? And will Elfie be reunited with Hopper? What is the “The Mind Flayer” up to next? All of these questions will now remain unanswered for an indefinite period of time. The fourth season takes place in April 1986 – so the timing would have been perfect (at least from the month). So far, the new “ Stranger Things“Seasons are always published in the month in which the respective story takes place.

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The start date of the new “Stranger Things” season is unclear

As with pretty much all human plans, the corona pandemic has also pushed back the schedules for this Netflix production. Both the shooting and the post-production dragged on forever – which is why the postponement of the new season is hardly surprising. We all have to be strong now: It currently looks like we can’t expect season four before the end of 2021, maybe even the beginning of 2022! We hate to be the bearer of SO bad news. But let’s try to see the positive: The crew behind “ Stranger Things ” doesn’t want to deliver a rushed product. A high-quality show like this takes time. We are optimistic that the wait will be worth it!


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