Stranger Things Season 4: The Wait Is Postponed!

Farwa Raza

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Fans of Millie Bobby Brown and “Stranger Things” are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the fourth and possibly final season of the hit Netflix series that appeared in 2019. To date, the streaming platform has not revealed details of the launch of the new edition, which increases the suspense and the intrigue to know what happened to Hopper, Eleven, and the company.

Although it was believed that Stranger Things 4 would appear this year, Finn Wolfhard cast all those thoughts for the wedding when he said in an interview that until 2022 fans will not see anything. The expectations are growing, but also the disappointment that this comment has generated. Viewers are eager to find out what happened or what they are doing to Jim Hopper, who ended in Russia in season three.

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There is also a lot of intrigues to know what the Byers family will do, who ended up leaving town and taking Eleven, a character played by Bobby Brown, with them after losing Hopper. The protagonist of the show has also run out of superpowers, so there are many doubts about what will happen when she has to face another Demogorgon.

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For now, the only thing that is known about the series is that it was in the recording phase, after having to suspend everything due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is joined by the comments of Joe Keery and Finn Wolfhard, who have ensured that the fourth season will be the darkest and most terrifying of all. “Stranger Things” has also been dealing with rumors of its ending.

The filming delays have only accentuated that theory, in addition to how expensive it would be for Netflix, and not only because of the product but also because of the salary of the actors who have also been increasing. What Millie Bobby Brown charges would not be even a quarter of what she received in 2019 when her name had not reached the fame, weight, and recognition that it has today.

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