Stranger Things Season 4: Why Did The Byers Move Away?

Farwa Raza

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Stranger Things Season 4

In ” Stranger Things “, the Byers left their home at the end of season 3. But what made her do it? And was it the right decision?

At the end of the third ” Stranger Things ” season, the Byers left around Joyce, Jonathan, and Will, Hawkins. There was Elfie, who believed her adoptive father Jim Hopper dead. It was not easy for anyone to present to say goodbye! Even if the step seems logical at first – for the characters and for the story – on closer inspection we have to ask ourselves: Was it the right decision? And why did the Byers move away in the first place?

What spoke against – and for – moving away

After all the traumatic experiences the Byers family (and the others) had to collect in just three seasons of Stranger Things, it’s hardly surprising that Joyce chooses to leave Hawkins. After all, her son was hijacked by a monster twice! The latest set photos indicate that their decision was a good one because the “Thought Vandal” has apparently not yet finished with Hawkins!

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However, it tears apart two relationships: The one between Elfie and Mike, which she takes with her. And the one between her son, Jonathan, and Nancy. Yes, there was trauma in abundance on “ Stranger Things ”, but relationships – whether platonic or romantic – are incredibly important in times like these! Her younger son, Will, suddenly loses all of the friends he has made in Hawkins over the years. That too can’t be good for Will’s battered psyche.

On the other hand, Hawkins is also the place of trauma, if you think about it: This is where the terrible experiments were carried out that caused this trauma in Will and Elfie. In addition, there is still a gateway between the shadow world and Hawkins. And as long as this gate exists, Elfie and Will will never be able to lead a normal life either, which is why Joyce’s decision to turn her back on Hawkins makes sense. And we have to keep in mind that Joyce has to assume that Hopper is dead – that would be the second man in her life to die in a very short time. It is understandable that she wants to protect herself and her family.

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