Stranger Things Season 4: Why Eleven Shows Up Again With a Shaved Head

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Stranger Things Season 4: Why Eleven Shows Up Again With a Shaved Head

Stranger Things, the fiction and suspense series created by the brothers Mtt and Ross Duffer for Netflix, plans to return to the screens of fans with its season 4 after almost three years of absence. The new stories of the series that follows the Hawkins gang have become the most longed for by viewers, who are anxiously waiting for the transmitter to reveal more information before the next episodes are released.

Since February of last year, fans have been getting the lowdown on Stranger Things season 4 through some sneak peeks including the recent posters, other images, and a promotional trailer released in July. But key details about Eleven, the character played by Millie Bobby Brown, have been scant thus far.

However, a game based on Stranger Things season 4 that was recently released dropped a huge hint that could hint at what’s next for Eleven when the next episodes of the fictional series premiere on Netflix. The company The Toy Authority, shared on its account on the social network Instagram, the images of “Uno,” the new special cards that show the physical appearance of each of the characters in the fourth installment.

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While Stranger Things fans have seen Eleven with long hair in all Season 4 promo trailer images released so far, the ‘Uno’ game cards show the main character with the skinhead again as at the beginning of the series, when she was found in the woods after escaping from the laboratory of Dr. Martin Brenner, the scientist played by Matthew Modine in the first season.

And it is that this new revelation has led many fans of Stranger Things to wonder what it means that Eleven has a shaved head in season 4 that will premiere the first wave of episodes on May 27 on Netflix. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important elements of the fourth installment, which has been revealed so far on the character of Millie Bobby Brown.

Let’s remember that in season 1 of Stranger Things, Mike, Dustin and Lucas ran into a little Eleven in the woods during a storm. Later, fans learned that the evil Dr. Brenner shaved off his hair to conduct experiments using the character’s telekinesis, in his secret government laboratory. And while after being rescued she has grown her hair out in the most recent two installments, it’s hard to believe that in future episodes she will shave her head again of her own volition.

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This great detail revealed through the letters of ‘Uno’, could mean that at some point in season 4 of Stranger Things, Eleven will be captured again by Dr. Brenner and have her head shaved once more so that he can perform experiments on her. her. Fans are clear that Modine’s character will return with the new episodes, as this was shown in one of the first trailers released in 2021.

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