Stranger Things Season 4: Will We Witness Time Travel? Teaser Speculates Theories!

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Stranger Things: time travel in season 4?

In “Stranger Things” season 4, time travel could play an important role. We reveal what that means for the plot and which clues are hidden in the trailers.

  • Stranger Things” Season 4 has a new trailer, but little is known about the plot.
  • Evidence suggests that the new episodes may be about time travel.
    INSPIREDTRAVELER reveals what traveling through time could mean for history.

The fourth season of ” Stranger Things ” is still a long time coming. A new trailer started the marketing campaign to continue and gives hope that the new season will appear in 2021. Star Finn Wolfhard was recently pessimistic and announced season 4 for 2022.

Perhaps a new trailer awaits us soon, which will finally contain an exact date and reveal the season of the year for Season 4. Little is known about the plot either, but time itself could play a crucial role here.

Stranger Things Season 4: This is known.

About “Stranger Things” season 4 it is already known that the plot will no longer take place entirely in Hawkins. There will be a reunion with the upside-down and Russia will also play a role. Hopper is being held prisoner there by the Russians, as a scene in the credits of season 3 already indicated and a short teaser from 2020 confirmed.

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The current trailer reveals little and shows us the facility where Dr. Brenner conducted experiments with Elfi and other children. The trailer seems to hint at the return of Brenner, which has long been suspected. But what other relevance does the trailer have?

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Stranger Things Season 4: The clock is ticking.

In the trailer, we see and hear a ticking clock. Also, as far as we can tell, we see the past. This is supported by the fact that Dr. Brenner probably died in season 1, and of course, Elfi has not been part of Brenner’s experiments for a long time.

The trailer could suggest further flashbacks or prepare us for Brenner’s survival. But there is another theory: time travel. This means that the clock should be understood as an indication. Incidentally, a clock was already visible in the first announcement of season 4.

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Since “Back to the Future” was released in 1985 and was already the topic of season 3, the time travel theme fits into the retro concept of “Stranger Things”. In addition, the authors already revealed in 2020 that they had drawn inspiration from films such as “Bill & Ted’s crazy journey through time”, “Terminator 2” and “12 Monkeys” for the new season.

Stranger Things Season 4: How time travel could be used.

One fan theory has it that the upside-down is actually a post-apocalyptic version of Hawkins from the future. Thus, all characters who have visited Upside Down have already experienced a journey through time.

The portal that Hopper apparently transported to Russia would certainly be a suitable gateway for travel through space and time, but the portal is closed – as far as we know. Elfi could also use her powers to travel through time, but she actually lost her powers at the end of season 3.

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It is more likely that not only Elfi, but several characters travel through time and maybe experience moments from the first three seasons from a different perspective.

As soon as the first long trailer for season 4 of “Stranger Things” appears, we will know for sure whether time travel will play a role. If you want to pass the time with other Netflix series until then, you will surely find a good distraction in our list of the 20 best series. We have also selected 5 suitable alternatives to “Stranger Things” for you.

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