Suicide Squad VS Guardians of the Galaxy: Which Is Better?


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  • The new action film ” The Suicide Squad ” is in the starting blocks and again the motto is: DC or Marvel – who makes the cooler movies? And how similar is it to the Guardians of the Galaxy films?

“The Suicide Squad” vs. “The Guardians of the Galaxy”

The two US comic franchise companies DC and Marvel have been rivaling each other for years and there are always heated discussions about which universe is better. While superheroes at Marvel often (but not exclusively) save residents from villains in real cities such as New York or other well-known metropolises, the universe at DC is completely fictional. Screenwriter James Gunn, who directed all ” The Guardians of the Galaxy ” movies, is now also responsible for the implementation of ” The Suicide Squad “. The director has been with Disney for quite a while fired and moves from Marvel to DC (Disney and Marvel are part of the Walt Disney Company). He was hired again at Disney but already signed up for the new DC film ” The Suicide Squad “, which is why the shooting of the third part of ” The Guardians of the Galaxy ” was postponed. It will probably not be released until 2023. But how much “Guardians” part did Gunn build into the “The Suicide Squad” films? How similar are the characters from the two universes and what makes them different?

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James Gunn uses Marvel tactics for “The Suicide Squad”

An absolute success. That was the first part of “The Guardians of the Galaxy” when it came out in 2014. With 94 million US dollars, he even exceeded his planned sales by 20 million. When “Suicide Squad”, produced by David Ayer, hit the cinemas two years later, it was already an attempt for some to imitate director James Gunn’s hit. Now Gunn actually took over the sequel to the DC action film and deliberately put “The ” in front of ” The Suicide Squad ” to set himself apart from the first movie. The trailer was released a few days ago and some DC fans were afraid that the film producer was too much into the ” Direction is drifting, precisely because the movies were so blatantly successful. But James made sure that both the DC and the Marvel Universe fans are happy. The most obvious difference is definitely in the characters.

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The Guardians are often simply portrayed as lovable, they are the “weirdos” who act very well as a team, and are more of a family. They are the good guys and have made a name for themselves as protectors of the galaxy. The ragged task force of ” The Suicide Squad ” has a more blatant “badass” attitude and the individual characters still belong to the bad guys, who simply give badasses to their opponents. They are the antihero troop and still seem to be outsiders who are forced to just do their job. The new movie ” The Suicide Squad” Seems to be definitely more brutal and action-packed, but is also packed with the classic James Gun humor. And there is also no lack of funny characters such as King Shark (voiced by Sylvester Stallone). He is a man-feeding, talking one Hybrid of shark and human who could become as much a movie darling as Groot in ” The Guardians of the Galaxy. ” So it’s safe to say that both the Marvel and DC universes rightly have their great fans! The planned cinema release (if the corona pandemic allows it) is August 5, 2021. We are excited!

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