Surpassed Bella Thorne: who is the influencer that blew up OnlyFans

Farwa Raza

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  • Last year Bella Thorne broke all the forecasts that were on OnlyFans and in her debut week on the subscription content platform she added 1 million dollars.

The diva became a source of desire for thousands of fans, until now, when she was surpassed by a rapper and influencer named Bhad Bhabie.

Influenced by her birthday, the singer, who has no less than 17.2 million followers on Instagram, completely broke the OnlyFans platform on her 18th anniversary. Originally from Florida, the rapper who goes by the name Danielle Peskowitz Bregol celebrated her birthday on OnlyFans and the result was much better than she expected.

Bella Thorne and other celebrities who use OnlyFans: How are they doing on the platform?

Through her official profile on Instagram, the girl who beat Bella Thorne’s record shared a screenshot detailing that in just six hours on OnlyFans, $ 750,000 entered her account just for subscriptions, $ 5,000 for tips, and 267,000 for messages private.

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The world of opportunity behind OnlyFans is revealed in a new documentary that explores how celebrities like Bella Thorne profited from the subscription content platform. In the harshest months of confinement amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the former Disney star who shared with Zendaya, opened a profile that blew up the network in the first week.

The Hulu documentary, “OnlyFans: Selling Sexy” was recently released and reveals in its teaser some celebrities like Bella Thorne, who made the leap from the screens to one of the most used networks today. In the first preview, some go-ahead to tell how they sell in OnlyFans what Instagram considers adult content, but that had a good place in the networks.


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