SWAT: The reason the police drama has been so popular according to Shemar Moore

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SWAT: The reason the police drama has been so popular according to Shemar Moore

The popular series of the CBS television network, SWAT, is broadcasting the last chapters of the fourth season, and is also preparing to broadcast the 100th episode of the program. Something that very few dramas manage to do. However, the actor who plays Hondo, Shemar Moore, talks about why he has been so popular since his release.

Apart from the news of the premiere of SWAT’s 100th episode, the CBS television network also confirmed a few weeks ago that the police drama has also been renewed for its sixth season, which means that fans will be able to continue enjoying the adventures full of 20-Squad group action.

With so many celebrations underway, actor Shemar Moore spoke during an interview with ET about the success of the series, the popularity and the celebration of the action series’ 100th episode. Moore pointed out that there are some important elements that the CBS television network shows apart from the package.

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“Our show has become popular all over the world because it is so much fun. It is not a bloody spectacle; it’s not a dark show. It’s a fun show. It’s like going to the movies and seeing Fast and Furious, or Bourne, or James Bond-style stuff.”

“But we also have a lot of diversity in our program. Me being the protagonist, being a black man, and we have Asians, we have [actores] Latinos on the show. We are a great family”.

However, those aren’t the only reasons Shemar Moore thinks SWAT has been so popular with his audience over the last five years. The show is also known for discussing some pretty heavy topics that are still relevant within our society, and that’s something Moore tends to really like.

In fact, the season 4 premiere, which was supposed to be the finale of the third season, addressed the protests of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, who were cruelly murdered due to malpractice by police officers in the United States, reason for which many praised the show for the way it handled them.

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Interestingly, a few weeks ago, Moore posted several photos of himself and his co-stars, Kenny Johnson, Lina Esco, Patrick St. Esprit, Jay Harrington, and Alex Russell, on his official Instagram account after finishing filming the long-awaited episode. number 100 of the SWAT series.

The 100th episode of SWAT will be broadcast this April 11 on the CBS television network, and you can also watch reruns on CBS All Access the day after its official launch.

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