Sweet Home Season 2: Release Date and Everything We Know

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The very important series Sweet Home got off to a fine start gearing up for a new life on Netflix. But we are yet to get an official confirmation renewal from the makers. But the reason why we are so sure about it is all because of social media. It looks like the production has now finally begun on the second season of Sweet Home. Here’s everything we know so far about Sweet Home season 2.

Sweet Home is a popular Netflix original horror K-Drama series. It is based on the webtoon comic under the same name by Yongchan Hwang. The series is produced by the very famous studio, Studio Dragon, which is also responsible for other popular K drama series. Some of them are Crash Landing On You, Arthdal Chronicles, My Holo Love, and Love Alarm.

Is Sweet Home Renewed For Season 2?

Since the series’ first release on Netflix in December 2020, the show Sweet Home has always been in discussions for renewal. Also, we know that the series ended with a cliffhanger that directly explains why there should be a second season for this popular K Drama. So, according to recent reports from the media, Song Kang is actually in talks to reprise his role in season 2 of the series. The details on the same are very limited at the moment.

The streaming giant Netflix has also not confirmed the renewal of the show yet. In the year 2021, there were certain rumors of renewal circulated around. But the matter of fact is that Sweet Home has been already renewed, and the production has already started. Many of the fans are looking for certain images from the Instagram page of Song Kang’s manager.

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The pictures that we saw on the internet must be taken with a pinch of salt, considering the complete lack of Korean Hanja. This might indicate potential fake news. So in the end, we are still waiting for Netflix to confirm the renewal.

Is Netflix Planning To Renew The Show?

When it comes to Netflix renewing the show, the popularity of an original can greatly impact the decision of Netflix. Sometimes it can take several weeks, several months before the renewal was announced and it is quite evident with the Sweet Home series as well.

Sweet Home really performed great on Netflix during the first month of its release. Especially when it was released into 32 different top 10 lists. This particular show, it captured the position of number one on Netflix in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Qatar, and Vietnam. So with this much popularity, we can say that Netflix has surely given it some serious chances of being renewed.

Cast Of Sweet Home Season 2

Director Lee Eung Bok To Helm Netflix's Series "Sweet Home" Starring Lee  Jin Wook, Lee Si Young & Song Kang

There has been no confirmation by the streaming giant Netflix about the cast members of Sweet Home season 2. However, what we do know is that many of the original cast members will return back to reprise their roles in season 2. Some Korean media portals also say that some of the actors will surely return.

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One media portal claim that Park Gyu Young and Lee Si Young, along with Seo Yi-Kyung and Yoon Ji-soo will be the ones reprising their roles respectively. Lead actor Song Kang is currently in conversation to return for the show’s second season as well.

Expectations From Sweet Home Season 2

sweet home 2 song kang Park Gyuyoung kim namhee

The popular Sweet Home director Eung Bok also had earlier shared that he wants to be very faithful to the original webtoon series. Even after Lee’s intentions, the first season of Sweet Home featured certain changes that were not in the source material. We can also see some new characters and a tweaked storyline of the show. We are left with plenty of things to ponder upon for next season. Now, talking of the survivors of the show, we will see that very few people would make it out of Green Homes alive.

Season 2 may show how the survivor’s next home wont be very safe for the long term. In fact, Eun Hyuk also made it clear that the military cannot guarantee safety. That’s because they cannot stop survivors from turning into monsters.

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Are We Going To See Sang Wook Again? Or What Happened To Him?

sweet home season 2 netflix k drama netflix sang wook

Just before the final few moments of season 1, we saw how Sang Wook died in a pool of his own blood after attempting to help Yu Ri. This was the last attempt to help Yu Ri. In fact, the last twist of the season was Cha Hyun Soo’s awakening in the military van that is being driven by a scarless Sang Wook. Also, he is currently in the Golden Hour just before he transforms into a monster. Also, we saw how Myeong escaped from the military van and that too after being defeated by Cha Hyun Soo. His power appears to be grasping all possessions of other humans.

What About Eun Hyuk? Is He Dead?

Just before Green Homes collapsed in the series, Eun Hyuk actually began to bleed in a similar way that an infected person would. Despite being buried under the rubble of the apartment block, he was going through his own metamorphosis. And there could be only the presence of regenerative abilities that could save his life.

So, this was all that we know about Sweet Home season 2. For the latest updates stay tuned to our website and get all the updates on the series right here. Also, share your views about the second season of Sweet Home in the comments section.

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