Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date and Everything we know

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The latest K drama horror series from Netflix seems to be a hit amongst the audience. This anticipated series Sweet Home is being loved by the audience and now subscribers are eagerly hoping and waiting for the second season of the show. Although the makers have not announced the renewal of the series as of yet, seeing the popularity of the show we can’t deny the possibility also.

The Netflix original Korean sci-fi series is based on the webtoon comic that is available by the same name by Yongchan Hwang. According to the reports from a media portal, just within the three days of the series release, it was ranking in the top 10 list. According to the description of the webtoon the thriller synopsis of the series reads:

After an unexpected family tragedy, a reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home — only to face something much scarier: a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. Now he must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to try and save the world before it’s too late. Now a Netflix Original Series.

Now, after the breathtaking performance of Sweet Home’s first season, the series ended with a cliffhanger in the final episode. this has left the fans restless with a wish for a second season of the show. So, if you are also amongst those fans, then here’s everything we know about the Sweet Home horror series so far.

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A Look Back At Sweet Home Season 1 

Season 1 of Sweet Home is based on a real South Korean Apocalyptic horror story. The series was based on a Naver webtoon titled with the same name and had almost over 2.1 billion views. The story of the series follows a guy named Cha Hyun-Soo who leaves his house completely after the unfortunate death of his family. To get rid of the pain he moves to a new apartment. But after some time, monsters began to appear around him that are actually trying to wipe out humanity.

In the same apartment in which he is living, many people are trapped inside their flats and they also find out monsters wandering around everywhere around the building. Cha-Hyun-Soo and other residents then plan to protect and shield themselves from the monsters. All of the hopes while hiding in the building in hopes to make it out alive from the apartment.

You might not know that before Squid Game entered the series, Sweet Home was the series that was ruling the heart of the audience as well the charts. This is also one of the reasons why now fans are expecting a new season of the series.

Will there be Sweet Home Season 2?

Unfortunately, we do not have any official announcement from the streaming giant from Netflix regarding the renewal of the series. However, we can stay assured that season 2 will be coming because of the huge demand and viewership this series has enjoyed for the next season of Sweet Home.

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Netflix has also said anything about the renewal of the series. But when some questions were asked, the streaming giant said: “Nothing has been decided yet regarding the production of Sweet Home Season 2”.

The director of the series Sweet Home also hinted at the renewal of season 2 at a conference. He said: “Industry representatives claimed that the drama will begin filming a second season in December,” a Soompi article published on July 9, 2021.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Expected Plot’

Season 1 of the story revolved around a group of different neighbors who come together to help and save everyone from all the dangerous monsters. All these monsters are trying to wipe out humanity and thus it’s important to eliminate them. In all the 10 episodes of the series, every character of Sweet Home figures out whether they want to team up or want to do it on their own that develops interesting stories and plotlines.

Now in the second season and its future episodes of the series could also delve into the deeper story. Now at the end of season 1 had a handful of survivors made it out of the apartment, the greenhouses alive or not.

Expected Cast of Sweet Home Season 2

If the story will pick up from where season 1 ended then we can see many familiar characters from season 1 reprising their roles for season 2. Cha Hyun Soo role will be played by Song Kang. Lee JinWook was also starred as SangWook. We can also see Lee SiYoung as the former special operative SEO YiKung. Park GyuYoung as musician Yoon JiSu and Go Min-Si as Eun Lee. Goo YoonJung will be portraying the role of GilSeop’s caretaker.

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We can expect to see many more interesting characters in the series as per the storyline of Sweet Home season 2. Now, it will be quite interesting to see who will join Sweet Home season 2 and all we can do is to wait for the streaming giant Netflix to confirm the series.

Sweet Home Season 2 Trailer

Although there have been a few leaks for season 2 of Sweet Home, we do not have any trailer for the series as of now. According to the reports, Studio Dragon is planning to release season 2 in the 2022 second half. But it’s better to take this news with a grain of salt because nothing is confirmed as of now. Even though the excitement for the series is quite high, but it would be better to take every rumor with a pinch of salt.

Now, let’s wait and watch for the official announcement of the series from Netflix. Are you excited about the series and waiting for its release? answer us in the comments section below.


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