Taboo season 2: Release Date, Episodes, Cast and Plot

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Our very favourite Tom Hardy is already a famous star on the big screen and has made a very big name for himself in the TV game especially with two special series that is Taboo and Peaky Blinders. The former series became a huge hit and that led it to multiple seasons, but the latter has been curiously absent since the series debuted earlier in 2017. even though a second season of the series was announced by the makers in March 2017, there is no announcement when the BBC series is going to return back on our screens and whether it is going to be renewed again or not. It’s been a total of four years now and we are still waiting for an announcement from the makers.

Steven Knight said in his statement earlier during that time: “James Delaney will continue to explore many realities as he takes his band of misfits to a new world, thanks to FX and the BBC, partners who could not be more suited to collaborating in groundbreaking work,”

Now, if you are also one of the crazy fans of the series and has been waiting for it for the last four years then here we have collected all the information about the series we know as of now.

Taboo season 2 release date

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier there has been no official announcement on the series new season release. As per the statement of KNight in 2017 he was then working on the storyline of season 2 of Taboo. he said in his interview, I’m just doing it now,” he admitted. “I’m trying to write it as quickly as I can.” In his interview, he said that the earlier fans will be able to see Taboo would be in 2018 and now its 2021 and we can’t say anything else now. In addition to that, we can also say even if the series would have begun the process it could have been slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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So what we can say right now is that the return of season 2 of Taboo depends directly on Tom Hardy’s availability on the sets. We all know how the actor was recently was found shooting for his comic blockbuster sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This film is still in the post-production phase and also involves a few reshoots as well. Hardy has also announced other projects so we can say the actor is quite busy and his empty schedules are also filling up with non Taboo projects.

In early 2019 we do get news that was revealed by Knight that the writing of the series was almost over but the filming of the movie would not begin until late 2019 or nearly 2020. According to the statement from Hardy, the makers are still playing with new ideas so that they can bring back the best possible elements to Taboo season 2.

Hardy Said:

“In my head, I was thinking, ‘Let’s say they get to America, they get to Canada, fast-forward to 1968, the Tet Offensive, the Vietnam War, look at the CIA, the Viet Cong, the French in Saigon…. Take the Delaney family tree out in the jungle, and recreate the same family dynamics that were happening in London but with new people, thinking about how history and corruption repeat themselves.

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“It’s still Taboo, it’s still period, but it’s the Sixties. There’s something fun about that. Or do we go back to the 1800s? The Napoleonic Wars? The American War of Independence? But nothing’s crossed my heart and mind and desk where I’ve gone

Who is in the cast of Taboo Season 2?

The first confirmed actor who will be featuring in the series would be Tom Hardy. That’s obvious because he is the one who introduced this British drama series as a lead character in 2017. However, as far as another cast is concerned there has been no announcement for the same and nothing has been disclosed as of yet. However, we do have a few speculations regarding the cast members who can expect to come back to the series for the sequel. they could be Stephen Graham, Mark Gatiss, Lorna Bow, David Hayman, Jason Watkins, Edward Hogg, and Nicholas Woodeson. We can also expect many other new and additional characters entering season 2 of Taboo as per the storyline. all those new characters will bring a sense of inquisitiveness amongst the fans as well.

What will Be the plot of Taboo Season 2

The storyline of Taboo is set in 1814 years of London and follows Hardy’s James who is a smuggler and brute that returns to his native after his 12-year stint in Africa. Now as he is disappointed that his wealthy father will leave him nothing and sets out to reclaim his inheritance. Now he bumps his head to east India company who are entirely after him the whole season trying to kill him. However, he finally escapes on a ship that sets to sail for America.

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So now when we think of season 2, as Knight previously described Taboo is the story of misfits and America so we can speculate that the series will end up in the states at the end eventually. but it can take a huge time before the show reaches that particular destination.  Knight has also made his plans to finally end the series after season 3. The first season was described as The Escape, the second would be known as The Journey and the third will one will release as The Arrival. So we can expect that all our characters may not be able to make it to the shores of America. No matter what will be the plotline, we can surely expect the best action and drama-packed together in season 2 of Taboo.

Taboo season 2 trailer

Unfortunately, we do not have any trailer for Taboo season 2 as of now. But we do have the trailer for season one that is available on YouTube. We are waiting for the makers to finish the writing part so that the movie can move into the production phase so that we can see some bits or teaser trailers until the series release.

So, this was all the information we had about Taboo season 2. Once we have any new updates on the series release we will be the first ones to update it here. So stay tuned to our website as we will keep posting all the updates here.

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