Taylor Swift: A New Plagiarism Scandal Makes Headlines!

Farwa Raza

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Taylor Swift Plagiarized Belinda? this song is the proof

Taylor Swift’s song Mr. Perfectly Fine has a bridge much like Belinda’s My Beautiful Betrayal. Find out more about it.

As we previously informed you the American singer Taylor Swift recently released her recorded album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”, and one of the most iconic songs is Mr. Perfectly Fine, but this seems to be an unintentional “plagiarism” to a Belinda song.



It is specifically “My beautiful betrayal” a song from the second solo album of the Mexican-Spanish singer, which has a very marked theme throughout the song, however, recently fans have heard many similarities between Swift’s new song.

In the videos of the songs the subject we are talking about can be heard perfectly well, and although it is a matter of seconds, listen well to the audio of Mr. Perfectly FIne from minute 2:40 and throughout the musical bridge.

When listening carefully and later listening to Belinda’s song “My beautiful betrayal” (The first seconds), it is more than appreciable that there is a very strong similarity between both songs, although it was not on purpose by the American singer.

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Although this song “New” by Swift was actually written between 2006 and 2008, Belinda’s song was written before, precisely because it was released in ” Utopia ” in 2006, and was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for best song of the world. anus.

Of course, Christian Nodal’s girlfriend has not yet made her opinion known regarding Taylor Swift’s new song, and probably only a great connoisseur of both celebrities would realize from the beginning the similarity of the songs.

But once you hear them in detail, you can’t stop thinking about one while listening to the other.

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