Taylor Swift counters rumors of her engagement by leaving the ring at home

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Pop star Taylor Swift has countered rumors that she would have accepted a marriage proposal from actor Joe Alwyn, with whom she has been in a relationship for almost six years, by showing her finger without the jewel that is associated with such a gesture during a walk through the streets of London.

The performer, who seemed to enjoy the meeting in the English capital with her partner, the protagonist of the BBC drama, ‘Conversations With Friends’, caught the attention of the paparazzi when they realized that she did not wear the ring of her supposed engagement.

The American singer is believed to have accepted a marriage proposal from the actor during the first few months of this year.

In early July, an insider told The Sun newspaper that Taylor had been engaged to her boyfriend for “a few months.” Since then, she has been wearing an engagement ring “in secret”” and only her close friends would know the news of the engagement.

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“Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and are very, very much in love,” the source close to Joe told the outlet. “Actually, they have been engaged for a few months, but they have only told their inner circle, basically the closest family and trusted old friends. Everyone has sworn to keep the secret.”

The informant said Joe gave Taylor a “beautiful ring” but “only wears it when he’s at home,” that is, behind closed doors.

“Only a handful of people know the details of the wedding and Taylor hasn’t even told part of her team about the engagement,” the source added.

The person close to the actor also told The Sun that the couple wants their love to stay away from the cameras and for only them to know their supposed commitment.

“And when they exchange votes, there will definitely be no magazine. Not Vogue, not Rolling Stone or Hello! It will be simple and elegant, like them,” he added.

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The Grammy winner began dating Joe in late 2016 after it was rumored that they would have met at that year’s Met Gala in New York. The relationship would have begun just months after their surprising split from ‘Loki’ actor Tom Hiddleston in September 2016.

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