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Teen Wolf: After four years of the series finale, Paramount+ has announced that the wolf pack will return. Something fantastic is looming on the horizon. Teen Wolf fans will be ecstatic to learn that a comeback film is in the works whose previous premiere ended in 2017. Here’s all you need to know about the Teen Wolf movie, including the release date, casting, and trailer if you are interested.

Variety broke the news first on Friday, September 24, with an exclusive story ahead of Paramount’s formal release. We do not know about you, but we think the ideal moment to receive this long-awaited update is just before Halloween, and the Teen Wolf movie resurrection seems like it might be too good to be true. Tyler Posey starred as Scott McCall, a kid whose world is flipped upside down after being bitten by a wolf in the series, which aired for six seasons from 2011 to 2017. Following that, he and his closest buddy Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), encounter a host of deadly supernatural monsters in their hometown of Beacon Hills. Banshees, wendigos, kitsunes and other terrifying shapeshifters stalked the night, and the pack had to battle them.

Because the series conclusion of Teen Wolf left several stories unfinished, it seems that the best next step is to continue the narrative as a film. Scott was last seen saving and welcoming a new werewolf, Alec (performed by Benjamin Wadsworth), to join his pack. When Alec accepts, the pack departs in the moonlight, discussing the need of staying safe and fending off animals and hunters that would follow them incessantly. Since the program stopped, there has been discussion about bringing it back, and now it is really happening.

Here’s all we know so far about the Teen Wolf film.

Release Date for the Teen Wolf Movie

On June 23, 2014, MTV launched the fourth season of the Teen Wolf television series. On MTV, the first half of the fifth season of Teen Wolf premiered on June 29, 2015, and the second half premiered on January 5, 2016. On MTV, the first half of the sixth season of Teen Wolf premiered on November 15, 2016, while the second half premiered on July 30, 2017.

According to an email provided to Elite Daily, Paramount+ signed a contract with MTV Entertainment Studios on September 24. Jeff Davis, the creator, writer, and producer of Teen Wolf has agreed to a multi-year contract as part of the collaboration.

Davis will create and executive produce the upcoming Teen Wolf film, as well as a new series called Wolf Pack, which seems to be unconnected but is based on Edo Van Belkom’s book series. Although no official release date has been set yet, due to the fact that the Teen Wolf film is still in its early stages, the original Teen Wolf series is set to premiere on Paramount+ in December 2021.

As it is in the early phases of development, the Teen Wolf film will most likely not be released until late 2022 or later.

The cast of the Teen Wolf Movie

Fans want to see the whole original cast return for the sequel, but it is too early to tell. The original cast is already in discussions with MTV and Paramount. Although nothing has been confirmed, one can only hope that fan favorites like Posey and O’Brien will reprise their appearances as Scott and Stiles in the cast. If the old crew from Season 6 returns for the film, Crystal Reed will play Allison Argent, Holland Roden will play Lydia Martin, and Tyler Hoechlin will play Derek Hale. You can also check the complete speculated cast list out on distractify.com

You may get to see Wadsworth return if Alec is also in the frame.

Trailer for the movie Teen Wolf

Although no official trailer for the Teen Wolf film has been published since filming has not yet begun, the MTV Teen Wolf Twitter account did post a teaser video showing Stiles’ vehicle, indicating that he will certainly return.

The plot of the Teen Wolf Movie

The storyline of the Teen Wolf film is yet unknown, but fans may anticipate the pack to return to Beacon Hills. The film begins with a “terrifying evil” that has arisen in Beacon Hills, according to the press email. Banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, and kitsunes, as well as other shapeshifters, may make a comeback when the wolf pack screams into action. Scott McCall has matured into an Alpha of the pack in the film, and he is trying to reconnect with old friends and recruit new allies in order to battle the most powerful and deadly adversary they have ever faced.

With the upcoming Teen Wolf film, get ready to binge-watch the original series to build anticipation for the next chapter of the narrative.


Between 2011 and 2017, the famous TV show aired on MTV for six seasons, becoming one of the cable channel’s most popular original series. During that period, it amassed a sizable and devoted fan base, reaching a worldwide audience. It was also one of the most popular pop culture programs of this age, with a comic book series to boot.

Fans have been clamouring for it to return since it ended four years ago, and now it is, as the universe built by Jeff Davis is returning. In a resurrection, most of the original group will return to face new dangers in Beacon Hills. Keep an eye on this page to get a further update about the same!

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