Terminator 2 almost has a very different villain

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Terminator 2 casi tiene un villano muy diferente

James Cameron has revealed how he was originally the villain who was to appear in the 1991 film Terminator 2.

Undoubtedly Terminator 2 is one of the best science fiction movies of all time and will always be remembered by the characters of Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) y Edward Furlong (John Connor). But in addition, the villain also stood out, who was an android of the future model T-1000 which was interpreted by Robert patrick.

Now James Cameron, the co-writer and director of Terminator 2 (1984), revealed that he had initially thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger will play a T-800 good and another bad. Therefore, we hardly see the T-1000 in the movie.

“When I first conceived the idea of ​​the story, it had two parts. In the first part, Skynet sent a cyborg with a T-800 metal endoskeleton and the good guys sent the protector, another T-800. The protector crushes it under a truck or throws it through a large structure of gears or machines. Cameron explained. And then in the future, they realize that the waves of time are moving towards them. They have not yet won the battle ”.

He then revealed that the co-writer William Wisher I believed that the fight of Arnold Schwarzenegger against himself was “Just boring”.

That is why they modified history.

Terminator 2 featured a cyber killer more advanced than the T-800 from Arnold Schwarzenegger, This is one of the great successes of history. Since the protagonists, they always have the threat of a superior rival.

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Cameron Y Wisher they were finally able to create a different story for him Doomsday. In the sequel, the Terminator more advanced, the T-1000, who has the ability to shapeshift, is sent back in time to kill a young man John Connor to prevent him from growing up and becoming the leader of human resistance. This causes Connor in the future to send another T-800 to the past to protect his younger self and destroy the T-1000.

James Cameron explained that he had not been eager to do Terminator 2, since it debuted almost seven years after the first installment of 1984. But the production company Carolco Pictures in the end he convinced him and the result could not be better. Since it raised more than 520 million dollars worldwide. It also served to make super stars both the director and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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