The Asterix War: Is Season 3 Returning! Any Official Updates?

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The Asterix War
  • Season 3 of The Asterix War was indirectly confirmed by the makers.
  • The show is expected to return in late 2022.

Since the premiere of Season 2 of the well-known anime ‘The Asterix War’, the manga fans have been dying to know about the future of the show. With a gripping storyline and so much to offer in the future, the fans can’t seem to wait to ignite the speculations for the new season. But is a third season coming? Here’s what we know.

The Asterix War Season 3 Cancelled?

The first and second seasons of the anime were released between 2012 and 2016. Its been over four years since we are waiting for an official announcement regarding the renewal of Season 3. What keeps the hope for season 3 alive is the manga of this popular anime series. The author of the Manga version is still working on new publications in the storyline and we think that the makers are giving the storyline some time to nourish before it can be brought back to the screens. As the show is already popular enough, we don’t think that the creators would be wasting this fandom by not releasing another season for the show.

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Is There A Trailer Available?

A trailer for Season 3 is not available as of now. The makers are yet to announce a specific release date for the anime, though there have been rumors that 2021 can be the year for the official announcement and we could see the show on our screens in late 2022.

Season 3 Storyline:

Season 2 ended with an open storyline without concluding the previous elements which makes the possibility of Season 3 more fierce. The launch of the second season made it clear that we shouldn’t be anticipating one anytime soon thereafter. After all, there’s no point waiting until The Asterisk War Season 3 release date is somewhere around the corner. Now is the time to slow down, step away from the intrigue and guesswork about the undo possibility, and, of course, just enjoy the current part of the new episodes.

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