‘The Batman’: Matt Reeves praises the “clumsiness” of Robert Pattinson in his performance


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Almost an is has passed since ‘The Batman’, the most recent installment of the Dark Knight, arrived in theaters and has been well received both by critics and at the box office. One of the highlights was Robert Pattinson’s performance, highlighted for director Matt Reeves because his “clumsiness” was a key part of the production.

The actor Robert Pattinson before ‘The Batman’ was known throughout the world for playing Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight’, a saga for teenagers that was harshly criticized. But, the years have passed, and the actor was able to overcome, and focus his career on independent films that earned him the respect of the industry, such as ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘Good Time’ or ‘Tenet’.

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Off camera, Robert Pattinson is known for being someone who always has a very rare sense of humor, and someone very special wherever he appears. Director Matt Reeves has highlighted that the character of his protagonist has helped to play a better Knight of the Night, and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, in ‘The Batman’, in an interview for KCRW.

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It’s not only a facet, obviously, of who he is, because obviously that’s part of him, but it’s also something that he’s in control of. One of the things I found so fascinating about working with him is that he works in a way that feels almost like a method actor.”

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In addition, Matt Reeves highlights the ease with which Robert Pattinson can convey an emotion not only with his face, but with his entire body, and the technical ability to make the indications that the director asks of him: “So I could tell him, I need you to this is more intense, and he could access that very easily (…) And he could do both at the same time”.

Robert Pattinson’s performance in ‘The Batman’

And it ends that in addition to the incredible ability to access his emotions, Robert Pattinson is able to control his movements, thanks to, or despite, his “physical clumsiness.” “He’s very capable of accessing all of those things, but he also does it weirdly at the same time, while he can be out of control, he can also have incredible control in terms of how he calibrates his voice, how he leans, where It’s stopped”.

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Again, we will be able to see Robert Pattinson’s performance when ‘The Batman’ premieres on April 19 on the HBO Max streaming platform, and see everything that Matt Reeves had prepared for the story of his Dark Knight, at least until we hear of the sequel.

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