The Batman puts an end to the mystery and reveals the contents of the baticturon, what does it bring?


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In a few days The Batman will be presented in streaming by HBO Max. In parallel, the highest grossing film of 2022 prepares the release of its versions for Blu-Ray. Within this format, a large amount of material is included, from deleted scenes to backstage, where it is revealed how the new Batsuit used by Robert Pattinson was put together and much better, everything that the bat belt contains.

Matt Reeves endowed the film with many resources, one of them was to try to make the story as realistic as possible. With this premise, the costume and props department got down to work to create the Justiciero suit.

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In a recent advance of the Blu-ray the look of one of the people in charge of props is offered. Jamie Wilkinson, master of props, was in charge of creating the new bat belt. According to the expert, both the suit and the belt were designed to be as realistic as possible and for this they took existing objects and adapted them to the hero’s equipment. “The suit is very tactical, even his belt is like a police tactical belt,” the specialist points out.

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The advance reveals several parts of the Batman belt that go unnoticed in the film. Wilkinson says that the baticinturon has an extendable flare, ultraviolet light, handcuffs to sticky bombs and much better, a weapon to launch them. The brace also adds small pockets, where there is no lack of smoke bombs and other objects, such as the adrenaline shot that Bruce Wayne keeps in case of a major emergency.

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Another of the objects created for the film is the famous Grapple Gun. In this case Batman does not have to remove it from his belt, it is already integrated into the forearm protector and with a movement it unfolds so that he can take it and shoot it.

Among the positive comments for Reeves’ film, the public highlighted Batman’s suit, commenting that it is one of the best seen on the big screen, some even maintain that it surpassed those used in the trilogy created by Christopher Nolan.

The Batman Blu-ray is available from various sites with pre-order. While collectors await the physical version and its details, they can enjoy The Batman in high quality on April 18 on HBO Max.

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