The Best Children’s Book of the Year is a La fin des lice

Jonny Hector

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The Best Children's Book of the Year is a Story of Lice

Author-illustrator Orbie was awarded the Prix du livre jeunesse des bibliothèques de Montréal this morning for La fin des poux?.

It was a jury composed of youth librarians from the city that rewarded this story inspired by the pandemic, published by Les 400 coups.

With humor and a unique sense of observation, the City said in a press release, the resident of Cap-d’Espoir, in Gaspésie, recounts the adventures of a family of lice who, trapped in a head and far too numerous to live without pounding on their paws, seeks to migrate from the scalp at all costs. If not, is the insect group doomed to doom?

The winner received a $5,000 scholarship during the ceremony, hosted by none other than the youth darling drag queen, Barbada.

The finalists did not leave empty-handed, however, as Les Amis de la Bibliothèque de Montréal awarded them $500 scholarships.

Orbie (who has his chickens for muses) is not his first award. She won the Prix de l’artiste de l’année en Gaspésie awarded by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec in 2021 as well as second prize in the Hachette Canada comic book contest for Pas d’pêche! in 2010.

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