The Best Gambling Destinations in the World

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If you’re a serious gambler in India planning your next trip, this article presents the top gambling destinations worldwide. Asides from the tourist attractions each destination offers, you’ll find land-based gaming facilities that you will enjoy using. Online casinos are great, especially because of the online casino bonus and all, but they can’t provide offline casinos’ aura, glitz, and glamor. Some destinations do it better than others, of course, and here are some of them other than India.

Monte Carlo

Using James Bond as our point of contact here, Monte Carlo is the go-to destination for every serious gambler. The city is a classy and opulent place that appeals to the most sophisticated gamblers; it’s a place where garish can be outlandish. Despite being the smallest country globally, Monte Carlo is the ultimate gambling destination in Europe.

Not only will you find several games here, but you can also join a community of individuals who share a similar passion as yours. You can learn new game strategies, perfect existing ones, get better, and win more.

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Due to its brilliant understanding of tourism, China has projected Macau as a gambling-dedicated region. The city has special legislations that let casinos render their services to gamblers worldwide; it is a true haven. Macau has over thirty gambling facilities, out of which seven are considered some of the biggest in the world. If you want to enjoy gaming in some of the world’s biggest facilities, you should start planning a trip to Macau.


The Czech Republic capital has an impressive history, including its breathtaking and glamorous offer of casinos. The city has several monumental buildings and places tourists can visit, including the Prague Castle, initially built in the 9th century. There’s also the Astronomical Clock and Old Synagogue. Casinos in Prague are glamorous; they offer several gaming tables with live dealers, among other things.


Paris is more than just a romantic city; it is famous for roulette games and a wide array of casinos. If you’re lucky enough to meet a partner who loves gambling as much as you do, Paris will be on your list. Paris is home to many world-renowned casinos offering various games for players.

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Cape Town

This South African city is a gaming-friendly destination with numerous land-based casinos and sports betting properties. Cape Town offers an exquisite mixture of breathtaking tourist sites worth visiting and fascinating gambling locations. On the days you take a break from gambling, you can visit the city’s dazzling beaches where you can watch penguins and surf.


Aruba is popular for its white sandy beaches, aqua blue water, and the exotic casinos it offers. The city is dubbed the “Vegas of the Caribbean” because it has everything every Indian gambler could ever want. Aruba has several 24/7 casinos well-equipped to satisfy the most active and sophisticated gamblers. Most of the city’s hotels have giant TV screens where you can enjoy major matches and gambling machines to place bets.

Las Vegas

Vegas is home to over seventy casinos and is considered the most famous gambling hotspot destination globally. Vegas has every kind of wagers a punter can make; if Vegas doesn’t have it, no other place does. The city’s top-notch retail sportsbooks aren’t a novelty, but it has exciting places to gamble in person.

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Every country has its regulations concerning casinos, as India does, but the fact remains that there are casinos everywhere. This article provides some of the premium gambling destinations where you can take vacations to. Feel free to pick one as a potential destination for your next trip, and if you love to play online while on the go, then Parimatch is your best option. You have several esports you can play on with amazing odds.

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