The best religious horror movies to watch over the Easter holidays


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For those who enjoy scares and scary stories, there are several religious horror movies on the most used streaming platforms, which are the ideal option to enjoy your Easter holidays this year and stop worrying about school or work while you do your scream marathon from the comfort of your home.

Pray for us

Available on HBO Max and starring the renowned Jeffrey Dean Morgan from the series ‘The Walking Dead’, who becomes a journalist willing to do anything to get a story, and having no idea what he’s doing, he ends up unleashing a curse on a town, but the mystery hides behind alleged miracles of the Virgin Mary.

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Exorcism on the seventh day

You can find this horror movie in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, and it stars the famous Vadhir Derbez, who breaks away from his comedy legacy and becomes a rookie priest who must learn everything about exorcisms, but his first encounter with the demon is not as expected, and his life is in danger.

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Exorcism in the Vatican

Among the most famous religious horror films that have caused controversy in the cinema, is ‘Exorcism in the Vatican’ which tells a dark story from the HBO Max catalog, where a group of priests try to keep inside the Vatican, a dark demonic secret that will make you tremble with fear.

The rite

Available on Netflix, ‘The Rite’ is a great success of the horror film, in which the renowned Anthony Hopkins becomes an experienced priest who must instruct a young religious so that he can learn the mysteries that are hidden behind the faith, where the devil uses his claws to deceive humanity.

the nun

Within the Warren Files there is a solo film for Valak, the powerful demon that appears in ‘The Conjuring 2’ and in this tape available on HBO Max, you can learn about his dark origin and how he became the nun he that everyone fears for its shocking appearance.

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To end the list of religious horror movies, you should not miss this Netflix original production, which has a desperate and unusual story where a man arrives on an island without jurisdiction, which is home to a group of believers radicals willing to do anything for their extreme religious practices.

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