The Big Bang Theory: Can A Special ‘Friends’ Like Reunion Arrive?

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“The Big Bang Theory” made us laugh regularly until the series ended. Is there any hope of a comeback now?

Will The Big Bang Theory be celebrating soon?

If you asked Big Bang Theory fans if they would like a TBBT reunion, the answer would be very clear: Yes, please!!!! And a reunion with Penny, Sheldon, Leonard is not that unlikely, as it has now come out. Even though there were several reasons for the series termination. Kaley Cuoco now revealed what is going on privately with the TV nerds.

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are still good friends!

The fans were more than sad after 12 seasons when they had to say goodbye to Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Leonard. We had so much fun with our favorite nerds! But at least it’s really cool to know that the stars can still hear each other outside and after the show, as Kaley Cuoco now said. Because she is still in contact with the whole crew! Especially she and her series love and at the same time, her real-life ex Johnny Galecki are still very close, as the Penny actress now reveals! The two still often text each other. How cute: “We talk several times a week,” she says. In fact, when he became a father two years ago and they were on the phone, he had just sent her a picture of his baby. “Fun fact: Johnny loves to send baby pictures to (his TV love and real-life ex)!

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Chance of a TBBT reunion?

During an interview with E! Kaley now also made it clear that she is very open to seeing her co-stars again and wants to bring the show back – someday. “I think in a few years or whenever someone is open to it, I’ll definitely be ready.” so close to his heart. When will the new Big Bang series come? Stay tuned.

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