The Boys: What actor Antony Starr really earns for each episode of the drama

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The Boys: What actor Antony Starr really earns for each episode of the drama

Given the incredible success that the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys has been getting, fans have been talking about one of the most beloved cast members, Anony Starr, who plays the terrible Homelander. Because he is one of the favorites and most popular, some claim that he must earn a lot of money for each episode of the drama. But, this is what really earns the star.

Long before joining The Boys series, Starr was no stranger to being a leading man. He is perhaps best known for his role as identical twins Jethro and Van West on the show “Outrageous Fortune.” In addition, his career also includes a performance in the 2016 mystery drama “American Gothic” as well as the 2012 Australian thriller “Wish You Were Here.”

Although Starr’s artistic career actually began in 1995, after landing a role in that year’s series, Xena: Warrior Princess, as Mesas and then as David in 1996. Since then he has worked for a long list of shows and movies. , but as a secondary character, until he came to The Boys in 2019. But, how much does he earn for each episode of the drama?

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How much does Antony Starr earn for The Boys?

According to the website in charge of managing the figures that the actors of the different programs earn, Celebrity Net Worth, Antony Starr’s net worth is around $ 2 million dollars. But, with the growing success of The Boys series, the amount could increase considerably, in addition to the various projects in which the star is preparing.

However, because Starr appears in every single episode of The Boys, the show marks another progressive step for the actor, at least on the budget of the shows he’s doing, so the star is estimated to earn around of $400,000 dollars per episode. Which would add 3.2 million dollars per season.

Although the data is unknown about the budget of the actors of The Boys, they are the estimates that are made depending on the net worth of each of the cast members and the popularity of a television program. Which means that as the Amazon drama continues to get more success, the higher the salary will be for its stars.

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