The Crown Season 5: Why fans loved the show’s new cast so much

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The Crown Season 5: Why fans loved the show's new cast so much

The Crown will end its story in seasons 5 and 6 so, more and more, the tension and the curiosity to know how they will present what has happened inside and outside the castle is growing. However, in this fifth season there are some familiar faces playing emblematic roles, chosen by the producers of the series, which made the fans very happy.

The casting of The Crown has always been carefully studied to find great artists who have the closest resemblance to the characters in this true story. For example, in season 4 Emma Corrin, she wonderfully played the beloved and remembered Princess Diana. Not only did they highlight their fabulous execution of the princess, but they really do look alike physically. For this fifth installment Diana will be played by Elizabeth Debicki and fans expect her to stand out in her performance, just as she did in her other roles in her career as Ayesha in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, or Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby.

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On the other hand, the interpretation of Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret is also generating a lot of expectation in this regard, as she is considered a wonderful actress and her resemblance to the princess is incredible. It will be quite a challenge to overcome the interpretation of Helena Bonham Carter, who played Margaret in seasons three and four. Actress Claudia Harrison is also expected to perform eminently in the role of Charles’s sister, Princess Anne.

Although the criticism has been noble with The Crown, some fans are not very happy with the role of Prince Charles, and not because of what everyone suspects, but because they think Dominic West is too attractive to play him. It seems that, in social networks, the complaint was that, considering it too good to interpret it. Like Josh O’Connor, who won an Emmy for his spectacular portrayal of Charles, he too has been called “more attractive than real-life Charles.”

A special character presents the 5th season of The Crown

The great sensation of this new cast falls on the great figure of Imelda Staunton who has fans very excited about how her interpretation of the Queen will be in The Crown. Some of her have even proposed her and say “she should be the real Queen in real life”. This actress did an impeccable job with her character as the villainous Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter. However, she did such a good job that it won’t be a problem to continue the role she came from playing Emmy winner Olivia Coleman.

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The Crown season 5, which will premiere in November of this year, will give a lot to talk about and there are some experts who are already predicting that this cast will be the one that will sweep most of the drama categories for the next Emmy awards, as already did the year before. Especially the roles of Debicki and Imelda Staunton will surely be recognized with an award.

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