The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: Release Date and Other News

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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: Our most amazing History Channel’s treasure hunting hit series “The Curse of Oak Island” is a fascinating show about real-life treasure hunting. According to the University of Calgary nearly 3 million viewers that tune in each week to watch the treasure hunters on the show look for one of the most notorious caches the world over that is allegedly somewhere in Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

Currently, we can say the treasure hunt is the longest-running one in history. The series is dubbed “the money pit” which is the hidden treasure that has built up a lot of expectation amongst the fans over the years. In a statement, Dr Ian Spoon er also says something about that is dug in Oak Island. He said:

“Something went on there that in my personal opinion, is probably bigger than treasure,” Spooner said. “What’s there is an important part of Nova Scotia’s and likely Canada’s history.”

None of the shows has found the treasure just yet despite the eight seasons of effort but all the fans keep coming back for more and more. The interesting discoveries of the show keep the audience indulged and in that case show will be surely returning for the 9th season in due course.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: When Will It Be Released?

As soon as the reports confirmed that the series will return with a new season 9 of The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9 it became one of the most anticipated reality TV shows of the year. Now, as we told for a while there was no news about when or what the new set of episodes might come out, so the fans of the show took to watching the island in order to find the details.

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Many fans and hopeful treasure hunters also maintain a Facebook group called Oak Island from the other side of The Causeway where they will post the accounts of what people see on the island. In fact, one user posted a photo with a caption:

“A new excavator arrived today! [Approximately] 20-25 vehicles … I think it’s safe to say they are back at it! No sign of the brothers or any of the U.S. gang yet! Last night’s sunset was amazing! Loving being back at my happy place!”

For a long time, we only had these tiny glimpses with us for the ninth expedition in motion where all we had to go on, but now that filming has been completed. The post production of the series is also going on but now the filming has been completed. We also have a concrete release date for the release of season 9 The Curse of Oak Island.

According to the Premiere Date, The Curse Of Oak Island will now be back on air on November 2, 2021. Watch it for free on Peacock to get caught up.

Who will join the Season 9 cast?

The cast of the show includes the best of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina who are also leading the hunt for the treasure. Rick is a retired postal worker from Northern Michigan, while his younger brother Marty has always dreamed of solving the entire Oak Island mystery. They have been searching the island for over a decade but haven’t found something of huge value yet.

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Other cast members we can expect to see in the series include Craig Tester, who was also Marty’s former college roommate and is an expert in earth scans and drilling. Don Blankenship was the partner of the Lagina brothers who know the most about the island but he tragically lost his life in 2019. After that his son joined the team, living on the island and brought a lot of facts for the team. Unfortunately, he then decided to leave the show so you won’t be seeing more of him in the next season.

The Lagina brothers have also spent a lot of time on the island and have made it completely a family affair. In an interview Rick shared:

“We spend the amount of time that we can. I’m retired, and Marty still has business adventures ongoing, so he splits his time. We were there overall five months this year. Family and friends come up. Our sisters have come up with their families. Marty’s son, Alex, has participated in the process, and so have our nephews, Peter and David. They’re all somewhat invested. Not all of them believe, however.”

So now its possible that fans may see some other family members of the Lagina family this season as well.

What happened to David Blankenship?

David Blankenship who is the son of Dan Blankenship is no longer be a part of the show. After his father’s death, David played a very important role on The Curse Of Oak Island” which provides the knowledge of the island and having lived there for so long. According to the reports, Blankenship had struggled with injuries that might have been the reason he left the show.

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Watch Curse of Oak Island S09E01 – Streaming Details

There are multiple ways through which you can enjoy the various episodes of the new season of Curse of Oak Island. But the best one is to directly tune into the channel and watch the new episodes as they air. Suppose that you have missed the original date and then all the episodes later are uploaded to the official website of the History Channel. Although before accessing you will need a valid cable login credentials.

Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Episode 1 Spoiler

In the first episode, we are going to witness much scientific evidence that is now available for our team. The series will surely look forward to finding ou the massive treasure of solver hidden in the money pit as it was indicated. All of this while, we will witness Marty as well as the team coming back to Oak Island with all the new facts. Now all of this brings them closer to pinning down the whole mystery and solving the case.

This was all we knew about the upcoming season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island that brings us so much closer to pinning down the case.

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  1. What happened to the Curse of oak island on sunday nov. 7 when it was suppose to come on we got a rerun of Canadian pickers. Someone is really messing up this season as we never got to see any new episodes from season 9 yet. And Sunday nov. 7 the sch. was totally a mess on the Canadian history channel as far as what we were suppose to see and what we actually got to see. I stayed up until 11pm my time expecting to see a new episode of Curse of Oak Island and got a 2013 expisode of Canadian Pickers.


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