“The devil got a hold of him that night”: Denzel Washington on Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars


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Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards was the most talked about of said celebration and several celebrities have positioned themselves on the incident. Denzel Washington is one of those who has decided to talk about the event, who was at the ceremony and even interacted with the actor after the altercation, and relates it to a kind of “evil” that dominated the interpreter.

During the leadership summit of Bishop TD Jakes, the protagonist of ‘El Justiciero’, dedicated several words to what happened at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony: the blow that Wil Smith gave Chris Rock after he made a joke about the baldness of actress Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife who currently suffers from alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss.

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Denzel Washington pointed out that he does not know all the details about the situation, but considers that it was a moment in which “the devil took hold” of Will Smith. Although he does not specify if it was for a correct answer or not, to Chris Rock’s jokes during the cinema event, he only assures that he believes it was a moment of vulnerability of the actor in which the “evil” took advantage.

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When the devil ignores you, then you know you’re doing something wrong.’ The devil says, ‘Oh no, leave him alone, he’s my favourite.’ When the devil comes to you, maybe it’s because he’s trying to do something right. And for some reason, the devil got a hold of him that night,” Washington told Jakes.

In turn, the renowned actor of ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’, commented that after what happened, he and Tyler Berry joined Will Smith and made several prayers, something that was documented in videos recorded inside the Dobly Theater, headquarters of the Oscar Awards 2022. In addition, he assured that he would not mention anything that the three interpreters talked about at that time.

Fortunately there were people there. Not only me, but others, Tyler Perry, immediately came with me. [Dijo] some sentences. I do not want to say what we are talking about (…) Who are we to condemn? ”, She concluded.

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For his part, Will Smith mentioned Denzel Washington during his acceptance speech for the Best Actor award for his leading role in ‘King Richard’ as Richard Williams. On stage, the interpreter mentioned that the veteran actor had come to him and dedicated words that moved him in relation to the event, moment and situation in which he found himself.

At your highest, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you,” Will Smith recited the words Denzel Washington told him after the incident.

Will Smith apologizes and resigns from the Academy

On the other hand, Will Smith has apologized three times for his behavior at the 2022 Oscar Awards: the first was during the ceremony when he accepted the award for Best Actor, the second through a statement on Instagram, where he apologized to Chris Rock for the first time after the fact; and finally, when he submitted his formal resignation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood.

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The Academy, for its part, has positioned itself on the issue and has accepted the actor’s resignation, but has indicated that an investigation into the altercation is still underway. It is expected that on April 18, the interpreter and the organization will meet to determine the sanctions that will be applied to his actions; while he has accepted any kind of consequence.

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