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Last year, after several delays, mainly caused by the pandemic, No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s latest film as agent 007, was able to reach theaters. Now that the position is vacant, director Reinaldo Marcus Green, The person behind the Oscar-nominated King Richard, for which Will Smith won a statuette for Best Actor, wants to make his own Bond movie and with a specific actor.

Green was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter as part of his new job, the HBO limited series We Own This City. During the talk about this long-awaited series with Jon Bernthal, Reinaldo said that he would like to play as his colleague director Cary Joji Fukunaga and direct a Bond movie. As the only requirement for his Bond film, Green wants actor Idris Elba as Agent 007.

Everyone wants Idris as the MI6 agent.

“I want to go in that direction (Cari Joji Fukunaga) and I want to be able to add value to a new Bond. I grew up watching his movies, so if I could add something to it, that would be great. Let’s see if Idris wants to do it, “said the director.

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Green is not the only one who has put Idris Elba’s name on the table for the role. Last year, with the departure of Craig, a great stir was unleashed on the networks, since rumors of possible actors began to emerge. Names like Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman and more were on the list, but the one that stood out the most was Elba.

The list of possible candidates.

The star of The Suicide Squad seems to be on everyone’s lips. In any case, those responsible for the casting of Bond, commented that this year they will begin the search for the new star for the role. It will be a matter of waiting a little longer to see who is the next to order “Martini, shaken, not stirred.”

What do you say, can you imagine Idris Elba as the new Bond?

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