The disease of Eddie Redmayne from ‘Fantastic Animals’ that complicates his vision


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Despite the fact that Eddie Redmayne has never spoken openly about his illness, it is known that the actor suffers from one that complicates his vision and more than anything, the distinction of shades between colors. The publicist Hannah Bagshawe, his wife, is the one who has revealed what kind of condition is the one that appears in the protagonist of ‘Fantastic Animals’.

This is dyschromatopsia, commonly known as color blindness. This is considered a genetic defect in which the person who suffers from it cannot distinguish between one color and another, or between its shades. Usually, those who have this alteration in their sight, have difficulties to differentiate red, green, orange and blue.

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According to Hannah Bagshawe, she realized that Eddie Redmayne was colorblind after they were preparing for a gala event. The actor had chosen a greenish suit, but he said it was blue; From there they noticed that the interpreter of Newt Scamander in the magical world of ‘Harry Potter’, had certain difficulties with regard to colors and tonalities.

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The publicist has also confessed that she usually helps him when he is getting dressed in case he has problems with it; but at the end of the day, she has never become an obstacle when it comes to dressing elegantly and fashionable in each of the events in which she has participated throughout her career, and even outside of the public chambers.

Eddie Redmayne isn’t the only famous actor with color blindness

On the other hand, the protagonist of ‘Fantastic Animals’ is not the only actor who has had to make his career in Hollywood even with color blindness. Actually, there are several performers who are very famous who also suffer from the same condition as Eddie Redmayne.

Among them is Keanu Reeves, who has revealed that he also suffers from color blindness; similar to the case of Christopher Nolan, who, I know, is not an actor, he is one of the most recognized directors of modern cinema. In turn, Paul Newman and Rutger Haeur have also announced that they suffer from this visual condition, which, according to science, occurs in 1 in 10 men.

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These actors are just some of those who suffer from this type of disease, but it is possible that more within the film and television industry, they may suffer from it and simply have not shared it with the public, preferring to keep the information private. style information.

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