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The Netflix platform is not usually the most praised for its original productions. As a fundamental strategy, their bet aims to promote their most “blockbuster” films, options that perhaps leave something to be desired from the narrative point of view, but whose technical deployment or the lightness of their story makes them massive.

However, it is also very true that if you deepen your search a little and do not get carried away by the first thing you see, you can discover great movies. Let’s remember that long before Marriage Story, for example, we could enjoy Frances Ha, another great film by Noah Baumbach but with less importance. Or also, why not, the great Mexican movie I’m not here anymore.

In this case, the platform offers us this film called An Easy Girl, a French film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. In this story, we see how a young Naima (Mina Farid), 16, lives in Cannes. While she doubts what to do with her life, her cousin Sofia de ella (Zahia Dehar), 22 years old and with a lifestyle as casual as it is attractive, comes to spend the holidays with her. There they will begin to live a special summer, where they will take the opportunity to have fun but also to show themselves as they really are.

Surrounded by a world to discover, the protagonists will find themselves with the difficult task of adapting without betraying each other. However, it seems to cost both of them. What seemed to be the search for Naima ends up becoming a meeting between two young people who question each other, although deep down, many of the things they practice.

With a simple style and somewhat more bearable than current French cinema (from the point of view of rhythm and narrative, in no way underestimating the quality of French cinematography), Una Chica Fácil has something of the beginnings of Truffaut, that cinema beautiful that disarms clichés and breaks with social structures without escaping entertainment.

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In addition, although it has no direct influence on the story, the fact that the film takes place in Cannes, where one of the most prestigious festivals in the world takes place, is always present. How much is fictitious in the lives of many? How much are we willing to act to adapt?

Do not hesitate any longer and run to enjoy this excellent option, available in the Netflix Spain catalog.

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