The Expendables 4 Release Date and Everything you need to know

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The Expendables are back to their base after so much to do and froing about whether its lead star Sylvester Stallone would return nack or not. But now rest is assured and that main man is back again along with the crazy fresh and familiar faces.

So, the first movie of the series as released in 2010 and the second one in 2012 where the franchise itself garnered a profit of $804 million worldwide. Although it comes as no surprise then that a fourth film is also in the making and will make its way through the horizon.

The rumblings of the series The Expendables actually began earlier in 2014 but it took until 218 for Stallone to return back and since then the wheels began turning for them. With years of work already going on behind the scenes, here’s everything which we know about The Expendables 4.

The Expendables 4 cast

Stallone had first announced that he would be a part of the fourth movie in 2014 but in the year 2017, we left for it. Citing all the creative differences over the script and the direction for continuing the franchise for the movie. However, he was again rejoined in the film at the beginning of 2018 where he took up the role of Barney Ross. Other actors like Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture were also teaming up again to become the characters Lee Christmans, Toll ROad, and Gunner Jensen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also previously said that he would not return back unless Stallone gets involved in the movie. So, well yes to Stallone will be on board for sure but there’s no word on whether Schwarzenegger’s Trench Mauser will be back for the 4th series or not.

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We can also expect to see many new faces as they will bring up new characters to the story. Some of the expected actors coming as new faces to the movie will be Furious 7 star Tony Jaa whose roles are, for the moment, under wraps, and transformers Megan Fox.

Millenium’s media president commented on the casting and said: “[We] couldn’t be more excited to bring this star-studded, action-packed film to the big screen with Lionsgate, who have been with us since the inception of this franchise. To keep it fresh and fun, we’ve added exciting new stars to join the veterans; popcorn entertainment is guaranteed.”

The Expendables 4 plot

At present, there is no official plot or synopsis of The Expendables 4 but Lionsgate’s Jason Constantine described the film as “no holds for barred action film” which quite raises the stakes of the movie and brings us to the conclusion that it might be the most badass and adventurous movie. The movie will be directed by Scott Waugh along with Spenser Cohen who is penning down the screenplay and script. Both of them are also helped by Max Adamas and John Joseph Connolly.

According to a report from Hollywood Reporter, we got some gist about the plotline which is:

“The plot will once again focus on a group of veteran mercenaries. And while the initial movies from in the early 2010s had Stallone as the focal point, sources say in this outing Statham will be the one with the biggest gun. Fox is the female lead.”

The Expendables 4 release date

Unfortunately, we have no official release date to tell you about Expendables 4. At the moment the makers haven’t released any release date. But what we do know is that the production of The Expendables is set to begin October last week if we assume no delays. Again if we assume if the shooting gets wrapped in mid-2022 then we can expect the series to release only in 2022 end or 2023 beginning.

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As far as any footage is concerned that you will have to wait a little bit more or you could satiate your cravings by watching the previous three movies of The Expendables. All the series 1,2 and 2 of the movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Megan Fox in The Expendables 4

The Expendables 4 Release Date and Everything you need to know

Recently Meghan Fox had shown off a picture where she is seen wearing a uniform or a dress that she will be wearing in The Expendables 4. FOx shared the pictures on her Instagram story which showed her in an all-black outfit that totally suggests to us that she might be part of the core team of mercenaries in the franchise. In the photo, Fox is seen wearing black leather trousers, a tactical belt, and some kind of vest with a cropped heavy jacket. She has accessorized herself with platform booths and wore a dark eye-liner.

Sylvester Stallone announces exit From Expendables


According to a recent report we came to know that Sylvester Stallone has confirmed from his side that he won’t be a part of the future Expendables movie and this will be his last film in the franchise which will lead Jason Statham as the lead actor to the future films.

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In a video on Instagram, Stallone explained why he won’t be returning to the series after the film wraps its fourth series. He said:, “It’s time to be moving on. This will be my last day, so I’m enjoying it but it’s always bittersweet, you know,” “When something you’ve been so attached to, I guess it’s been about 12 years, and I’m ready to pass the baton on to Jason [Statham] and his capable hands.”

He continued: “The greatest thing is being able to provide films that are somewhat entertainment and maybe there’s a little message in there because what I try to convey in my successful films is the human touch, the bond. Not so much the action, the action is self-evident. This comes as a shocker for the fans who were expecting more of the actor in the future upcoming films of the franchise.

As of now we only had this much information about Expendables 4. But as soon as we get any recent updates on any of the sub-heads we will keep posting it here from time to time so that you don’t miss out on any updates. Stay tuned to our website and get all the updates about Expendables 4 here. Until then you can rewatch the 1,2 and 3 parts of The Expendables and do share your expectations or speculations about The Expendables 4 in the comments section.

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