The filmmaker Lars Von Trier desperately searches for a new blonde in a strange video

Betty Hose

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Renowned Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier is on the hunt for a female companion and muse, as he believes he still has “a few good films left in him”. Von Trier, known for his works such as “Breaking The Waves” and “Dancing In The Dark”, recently posted a bizarre video on Instagram in which he announces his search for a “female girlfriend/muse”.

Of course, the role of the artist’s significant other comes with a few requirements, as highlighted by Von Trier himself in the short video. “I am 67 years old. I have Parkinson’s disease, OCD, and managed alcoholism,” admits Von Trier, leaving no room for potential candidates to be caught off guard by his truthfulness.

He goes on to explain that he is posting this announcement in a manner similar to old-fashioned dating agency videos because he has no idea how social media works. Von Trier concludes by saying that on a good day, in pleasant company, he can be quite a charming partner.

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Interested ladies who wish to apply for the position of Von Trier’s “girlfriend/muse” can contact him at: [email protected] We wish him the best of luck in his search, considering his somewhat checkered reputation with women. After all, singer Björk and nine other women had accused him of sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

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