The Flight Attendant: Kaley Cuoco Was Uncomfortable With The Sensual Scenes

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Kaley Cuoco was very uncomfortable filming the sex scenes for ‘The Flight Attendant’, according to her co-star

“I guess I didn’t have scenes like this in ‘The Big Bang Theory,” commented Michiel Huisman. Still, Kaley embroidered it and has received great recognition for her role.

The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco’s new series, has only brought good things to the ex of The Big Bang Theory, who a few months ago received her first Golden Globe nomination and, in addition, got the first great project of his production company Yes, Norman was a real hit with the audience. However, the actress has confirmed on several occasions that the road ahead was quite bittersweet. On the one hand, because of his fears regarding the reception of fiction, a project he had personally opted for, but also because of the fact of leaving Penny behind and presenting himself to the audience with such a different character.

Now, we have been able to know another of the bumps that Cuoco had to face with The Flight Attendant through the statements of his co-star, the former Game of Thrones, Michiel Huisman. According to the interpreter, whom you will not have forgotten as Daenerys’ lover Daario Naharis, the actress was quite “uncomfortable”.

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“I imagine something like this didn’t happen in The Big Bang Theory, “Huisman began by explaining in his interview with the This Morning program by noting that Cuoco had never shot an intimate scene of these characteristics. “We were doing our first scene of this type and I didn’t realize that he was kind of floating on top of me, not really sitting on my lap.“The position ended up becoming uncomfortable and he, after spending a while wondering what was happening, ended up asking her directly.

Turns out I was very uncomfortable and had no idea how to do this. I was trying not to touch myself
Kaley Cuoco may have been uncomfortable, but the truth is that she praised work does not show in the final result. As you will remember in The Big Bang Theory it was more than clear that Leonard and Penny had an active and fun sex life, but being the series a whitest ‘sitcom’, it always showed the moment afterward and under the covers.

In The Flight Attendant, the character of Cuoco, whose performance has been recognized by the Golden Globes, the Actors Guild, and the Critics’ Choice, is very different: Cassie Bowen, a flight attendant who, after a night of alcohol and games, gets up. next to a corpse. The one with Michael Huisman’s character. The series has already been renewed for a second season that will be released in 2022.

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