The funny episode of ‘The Prince of Rap’ that brought together Will Smith and Chris Rock


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The 94th edition of the Oscar Awards will always be remembered for the altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock, since it is a moment that is still generating several consequences for both artists, however, what few remember is that these actors starred in one of the best episodes of the iconic sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince of Rap’.

The generation of the nineties, and fans of ‘The Prince of Rap’, surely remember the episode ‘Get a Job’, which belongs to season six of this successful comedy, an episode that generated great audience numbers, since that both Will Smith and Chris Rock were experiencing a moment of ascent in their careers.

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As we know, the result at that time was very different from what happened at the 2022 Oscars, since in the aforementioned episode released in 1995, the millions of comedy fans witnessed, at the premiere of this chapter, a hilarious story , where Will and Carlton compete to get a job on Hilary’s show, a show where a young comedian played by Chris Rock is invited.

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The funniest part of the episode is that Will decides to ask the aforementioned comedian’s sister out, this to try to get Hilary’s show job, however, everything goes wrong for the young man from Philadelphia when the comedian’s sister turns out be identical to her brother, because this female character was also played by Chris Rock.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most remembered chapters in “The Prince of Rap”, an episode where you can see both actors constantly making jokes, which never anticipated what would happen 27 years later at the ceremony. of the Oscars 2022, a controversial event that has begun to generate negative consequences for Will Smith, and apparently has benefited Chris Rock.

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Opposite consequences after the Oscars 2022

Since what happened at the Oscar 2022, more and more people condemn what was done by the now award-winning actor, likewise, Will Smith decided to resign from the Academy and there is talk of a cancellation for the artist, that is, the termination of several projects and relationships with major studios, on the other hand, after what happened at the awards ceremony, the public seems to have awakened sympathy for Chris Rock, making his current comedy tour already sold out, causing the opening of more dates, and there is talk of new projects.

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What is a fact is that the aforementioned episode of ‘The Prince of Rap’ is a chapter that still generates a smile in the viewer, therefore, if you want to enjoy this chapter, you can do it in the world of streaming, because Because all the seasons of this 90s comedy are part of the HBO Max catalog.

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