The Godfather star James Caan has died at the age of 82

The American actor James Caan (1940-2022) is dead. He died yesterday, Wednesday, as explained in a tweet on behalf of the family. The longtime movie star’s cause of death is unknown.

“It is with great sadness that we inform you of Jimmy’s passing on the evening of July 6th,” read a Twitter post shared through the actor’s account. The family would like to thank you for your sympathy, but ask that you respect your privacy “during this difficult time”.

From The Godfather to Misery

Caan was born in New York in 1940. He also acted in the theatre, but was seen in TV and film roles for the first time in the early 1960s. He has played numerous characters over the years. The world will probably remember him as Sonny Corleone from Francis Ford Coppola’s (83) mafia classic “The Godfather” alongside Al Pacino (82) and Marlon Brando (1924-2004).

He received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for the role of Sonny. He was nominated for an Emmy for “Friends to Death.” He is also known, among other things, from productions such as the Stephen King film adaptation “Misery” or “Spieler ohne Scrupel”, for which he was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

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James Caan was married a total of four times, but all marriages ended in divorce. A total of five children emerged from his relationships, including his son Scott Caan (45), who is also an actor.

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