The Good Doctor Season 5: Episode 16 Release Date, Trailer & Plot

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The Good Doctor Season 5: Episode 16 Release Date, Trailer & Plot

The last episodes of the fifth season of The Good Doctor seem to be preparing fun moments for viewers, especially with Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara), who are preparing to participate in a wedding reality show and must have cameras. on them at every moment, which will make them too uncomfortable. However, this is what is known about episode 16 where all these scenes will be seen.

During episode 15 of The Good Doctor, viewers watched as a boy named Kevin arrived with a damaged face and broken ribs after being beaten by others his own age at the children’s home where he lived. However, Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) discovered that it was not the first time and revealed that in the past he also suffered the same, which is why he wanted to help him, but the boy refused.

Meanwhile, Shaun and Lim (Christina Chang) cared for a patient named Sara, who had been living with an iron lung for years and was failing. So they decided to operate on Sara to place a new valve in her heart and be able to stabilize her.

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However, since Sophie (Hollis Jane Andrews) arrived at the hospital, she has been seeing the attitudes of Shaun and Lea, because of the way they treated and helped all the patients who arrived, so she decides to make them a curious proposal, said he would like to have them on his new wedding reality show based on atypical couples for the pilot episode.

Release date, trailer and plot of episode 16

Now, for The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 16, viewers will witness the start of filming for the wedding reality show. However, things will not go as smoothly as possible when Shaun begins to feel uncomfortable having a camera on him every minute, making his serious but humorous comments about it.

“Turn on the subtitle box for the video so you can better enjoy the trailer.”

According to the trailer for episode 16, Shaun is seen starting to get stressed by the camera following him everywhere, in fact, he seems to be having trouble in a patient operation, when he gets distracted by the cameramen.

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The release date for The Good Doctor season 5 episode 16 will be Monday, May 2, on ABC television. However, you can also enjoy the chapters the day after they are broadcast and fully subtitled on the Hulu platform.

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