The Great season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Latest news

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'The Great' Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot—All You Need to Know

Hey, fans it’s time for a hurrah feeling! Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are soon returning back to our screens and that too for the second season of the Hulu series The Great. The zany historical romp storey about Catherine the Great is also billed as an occasionally true story.

The fictionalised story was first launched in 2020 last year and the series followed a teenage girl Catherine when she arrived in Russia for an arranged marriage to philandering Emperor Peter. In the second season of the series will Catherine finally take over her throne for her own. However, after that, she will also learn that dethroning her husband was just the beginning and the story then unfolds with different circumstances.

The official synopsis of the series says: “Catherine finally takes the Russian throne for her own — but she will quickly learn that dethroning her husband was just the beginning,” Catherine must now face the realities of ‘liberating’ a country that doesn’t want to be free. Her fight to bring enlightenment to Russia will mean battling her own court and those closest to her, including her own mother.”

The story of The Great is penned down by Tony Mcnamara along with our favourite co-writer. This Emmy nominated drams has also won many eave reviews during its first season premiere. so the expectations from season 2 rise a bit higher this year especially since the time the new cast has been announced.

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So. if you are also one of the fans of this Hulu series The Great then here’s everything that we know about The Great season 2.

The Great season 2 release date

The new season of the series The Great will be released onto our screens on STARZPLAY via amazon prime on Sunday 5th December in the United Kingdom. When we talk of the release in the United States, then The Great series will be released on Hulu on Friday 19th November. The best part, all the ten episodes of The Great will be available to watch on the release date. This means you can prepare yourself for a weekend binge.

The Great season 2 cast

The Great Season 2 cast will see many familiar faces from season 1 of the series. Like Elle Fanning will play the role of the future Russian leader Catherine along with Nicholas Hoult who will be playing the role of her husband. In addition to that, series two will also see many additional characters like Gillian Anderson who will be portraying the role of Fanning’s on-screen mother, Joana. Other characters we would be seen reprising their roles would be Sebastian de Souza (Skins) as Catherine’s court lover Leo; Sacha Dhawan as Orlov; Adam Godley as the Orthodox archbishop; and Phoebe Fox as Maria.

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The Great season 2 synopsis

The synopsis of the story for the second season that we got through Entertainment Tonight says:

Catherine finally takes the Russian throne for her own — but if she thought coup-ing her husband was difficult, it’s nothing compared to the realities of liberating a country that doesn’t want to be. She’ll battle her court, her team, even her own mother (played by guest star Gillian Anderson) in a bid to bring the Enlightenment to Russia. Meanwhile, she’ll also battle her heart as Peter slowly transitions from a much-hated husband to a prisoner? Ally? Lover? Ultimately, Catherine will learn that to change a country, you must let it change you, that there is a fine line between idealism and delusion, and that becoming ‘Great’ will ask more of her than she could have imagined.

After analysing this synopsis one thing we can say is that Catherine is going to have his hands completely full running the country. And it will become quite difficult for her to manage her relationship with her husband as well. Another pinpoint factor that can come as a new obstacle would be her pregnancy that will bring closer consternation.

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The series will also show the visit of Catherine mom who will have to contend with the “maestro of marriage” and her meddling. Joanna’s matchmaking skills are completely unparalleled and has served the family ver well. All of the marriages that were under her matchmaking consciousness have been resulted quite advantageous. However, Catherine’s coup has completely surprised the family and now the reputation of the family is at stake. Now let’s see what drastic measures families will take in the second season if they don’t serve the Empress of Russia.

The Great season 2 trailer

Fans can watch the trailer for The Great season two from the below-mentioned link. The trailer offers viewers the first glimpse of Gillian Anderson in the character and also gives you a gist of some great and truly incredible dialogues that are going to feature in the second season of the series.

So, this was all which we knew about the Hulu series The Great. Will you be watching the series? share us in the comments section. Also, share your reviews about the series.


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