The Handmaid’s Tale: Author Reveals Why A Film Project Never Took Place

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“It didn’t work”: the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” talks about the adaptation of the novel in the cinema.

The series has already premiered its fourth season.

Now that ” The Handmaids’ Tale ” has returned to the small screen, everyone is talking again about the successful series that captured the attention of the whole world since its first season and that, once again, turned Margaret’s novel Atwood is a worldwide phenomenon.

The series finally debuts its fourth season, and for fans, it was the longest wait of all. Especially if we consider that the end of the third season left several issues unresolved.

Since then, many followers want to know about the future of the main characters, especially since rumors began to emerge about the resignation of some actors from the cast, although everything was denied by the stars themselves.

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But since “The Handmaids’ Tale” became a television production, many returned to talk about the first adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel in film format, and that it was a failure when it hit the big screen. in 1990.

The proposal was carried out by several actors of that then who were still in the race, such as Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall, and Natasha Richardson. At the time of casting, Sigourney Weaver had also been named as one of its possible leads, but the offer never materialized.

The rumors at that time spoke of several actors who refused to participate due to the political content of the play. But although today “The Handmaids’ Tale” is one of the most successful products, the original film ended up being a production forgotten by all.

Recently, Margaret Atwood herself referred to the premiere of the film and claimed that it had not worked because the novel has too much material to be compressed into a short film.

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During the interview with the medium “Variety”, the writer gave her opinion of the film, and the reasons why all the producers involved did not know how to tell their story. According to Atwood, both the director and the producer did not provide the correct vision so that the public could sympathize with the final result.

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