The Harder They Fall: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Plot Revealed

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The Harder They Fall: The western genre of the films is getting a whole new look courtesy of The Harder They Fall”. It is an example of something which we don’t get very often anymore when it comes to movies in western. However, it does not mean that Netflix’s film is going to be very much similar to a John Wayne film. The Harder They Fall has its own new storyline and a unique plotline as well which is based on true story events.

The recently anticipated series The Harder They Fall is coming very soon to Netflix. The series is coming with some powerful names attached to the project in front of the camera as well behind the camera.

After holding the series world premiere at the prestigious London Film Festival in October, the first reviews for the film came in and the critics are now glowing with the genre of this twisting movie. It has also been decided that the film will get a limited theatrical release before it becomes available to watch on Netflix in November.

Ahead of the series launch, many fans are wondering what will be its release date, who will be in the series when it comes to casting, what will be the plotline, and everything else. So in this article, we have mentioned everything which we know about the series The Higher They Fall.

What Is The Harder They Fall About?

The Harder They Fall is a western created series that is made with an intention of redefining the genre of the film. The writer and director of the film are also known as the British Musician The Bullitts. It is also noted that in the old West zone out of one in every four cowboys was actually Black. However, that’s rarely reflected on the screen. The Harder They Fall series predominantly includes a Black cast of actors in a unique Tarantinoesque Western.

The series follows a nat love as he assembles his former gang to help him get back to his revenge against Rufus Buck. The man who actually murdered his parents. This way story brings new twists and turns when the characters plan to take revenge.

Who Stars in The Harder They Fall?

The star cast of The Harder They Fall is by far one of the best-assembled cast of any web series. The cast members include Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, and Oscar-winner Regina King. Other cast members include Elba Stars as Rufus Buck, King, and Lakeith Stanfield as part of a gang of outlaws, Trudy smith and Cherokee Bill will also be in the respective cast of the series.

The supporting cast members of the series will include Delroy Lindo as Bass Reeves, comedian Deon Cole as Wiley Escoe, and Danielle Dead lawyer as Cuffee. As the moments and events in the movie are fictional, most of the characters are based on or named after the real [people who were alive during the 1800 era on which the story is based.

The Team Behind the Movie

How can we forget the people who are behind the cameras and make the movie happen for real? The film is written and directed by British musician Jeymes Samuel but Jay Z is one of the most notable people when it comes to credits for the movie.  Jay Z is the main producer of the movie alongside Lawrence Bander, Samuel, and James Lassiter. Boaz Yakin co-wrote the script with Samuel.

 The Harder They Fall Out Release Date

The movie completed its premiere at the very prestigious BFI London Film Festival on October 6, 2021. Now it’s due to play at a few more international film festivals before it becomes available to the public for watching. After its premiere at the Chicago film festival and Montclair Film festival in the month of October, we can expect to see the movie for a short theatrical release.

As for the streaming giant viewers, The Harder They Fall will become available on Netflix to watch worldwide on November 3, 2021.

 The Harder They Fall Trailer

Yes, we do have a trailer for the series and it completely stands up to what it should be. The trailer is full of drama as you expected it to be. We start off by seeing the Regina King’s Trudy releasing Idris Elba who plays the outlawed Rufus Buck from a locked-up prison. Now Cue gets to plenty of gunfires and cowboy rivalry and now the whole things look pretty explosive from every side.

As of now, we had this much information available about the movie The Harder They Fall. Other new updates are awaited from the makers and as soon as we get them we will surely post them here. Till then stay tuned to our website and tell us in the comments section about the trailer of this highly anticipated series.

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