The host Éric Nolin shares his controversial opinion on one of Quebec’s favorite stars

Raymond McKinnon

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Radio host Éric Nolin recently appeared on the Solemn podcast and took the opportunity to share his controversial opinion about one of Quebec’s beloved stars. According to him, this particular comedian is the most “overrated” in the province.

Nolin expressed his honest opinion about Math Duff, stating that despite having “immense respect” for his former colleague from Rouge FM, he does not understand why Duff is so successful. He mentioned that although Duff is a kind and funny person in real life, he fails to amuse or make him laugh on stage. Nolin also noted that Duff himself admits to not having any jokes.

Unsurprisingly, many internet users disagreed with Nolin’s remarks. However, it is important to remember that personal taste is subjective, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

During the interview, Nolin also shared a disturbing experience involving Gilbert Rozon, Éric Salvail, and Mike Ward. In a video that is still accessible online, Ward can be seen grabbing Nolin’s crotch while Salvail and Rozon look on. Nolin described this incident as something that was acceptable at the time.

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But that’s not all. Nolin revealed that while he was lending his voice to the pre-show announcements for Just for Laughs, Rozon had put his hands underneath Nolin’s shirt. Rozon allegedly wanted Nolin’s speech to be funnier and began caressing his chest while he was speaking into the microphone. Nolin even mentioned the incident live during his announcement, which reportedly made Rozon incredibly uncomfortable. These events occurred several years before the scandal surrounding Rozon broke out.

It is essential to shed light on such experiences, as they contribute to the ongoing discussions about consent and the treatment of individuals in the entertainment industry.

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