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A great option to close on Sunday, either after a weekend of rest or full of activities, is to sit on the couch and enjoy a good movie. Perhaps it is too much an action one, they are not in the mood for a horror one either and the imminent start of the week transforms and unbearable a drama. For this reason, an investigative thriller can be a great option.

Interesting, deep but not complex, great performances and the revelation of a case that shook the world. This condenses Classified Report (The Report), this great title offered by the Amazon Prime Video Spain catalog.

This film tells the story of Daniel Jones (Adam Driver), the main investigator of the study that the United States Senate carried out as part of the CIA’s “Interrogation and Detention” program, a report whose immoral and ineffective brutality in the kind of torture that was committed during CIA interrogations after 9/11. As he learned more about the truth of the events, Jones became more and more convinced that he had to go to the end and try to make known to the world what many tried to keep secret at all costs.

As always Adam Driver in the skin of this researcher thoroughly transmits emotions. And it’s that depth of emotion that goes hand in hand with how deep this character wants to go in the investigation. With permanent obstacles, doors that close and a very powerful group trying to cover the irregularities, Daniel Jones will not give up until he knows the truth.

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Accompanied by Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Ted Levine, Maura Tierney, Michael C. Hall and Tim Blake Nelson, directed by Scott Z. Burns, the film has exemplary informative rigor, the fictionalization of history and the need to create a story attractiveness did not deform the acts much as they happened, which, although it perhaps takes some points away from it in terms of entertainment (a bit the reverse of what happened with Spotlight), rounds out the mixture of true history-fiction film very well.

Do not hesitate any longer and run to see this horrifying movie, and discover a terrible scandal that has been hidden for years in the USA.

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