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If there is a genre that is destined to be always current, it is the police thriller. Conflicts of this type are unfortunately renewed over and over again, but in addition, throughout history there have been a large number of crimes of all kinds that are often made into movies.

In this case, the HBO Max catalog in Spain offers us this film, called Criminal Agreement, which reviews the true story of a mobster who became one of the most dangerous people in Boston. Whitey Bulger was this Irish mobster who, starting in the 70s and after a dark pact with the FBI, obtained a power that seemed impossible to stop.

The story begins with Bulger (another great performance by Johnny Depp) getting out of jail after a series of petty crimes. This peculiar character is a tough guy but with a low profile. However, an FBI agent (Joel Edgerton), through Bulger’s brother, a Massachusetts politician (Benedict Cumberbacht no less), offers Whitey the chance to infiltrate the Italian mob, which is on the rise. its power, to be able to dismantle it.

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The thriller stars an unrecognizable Johnny Depp

Reluctantly, he accepts, although his true intention is soon discovered: to gradually involve the police in his series of crimes in order to obtain impunity for his crimes. After a series of family problems, Bulger’s cynicism reaches unsuspected limits, committing crimes more and more often and obtaining unstoppable power.

The film shows how these people could not grow without some kind of complicity, also how complex it becomes to disarm something once those in power are part of it, in one way or another. With actions that are very well done, the film does not reach the levels of mafia films by masters like Scorsese or Coppola, although the excellent cast and the incredible story manage to round off a more than recommendable film.

The director of Criminal Pact is Scott Cooper, this former actor who became known as a director for Crazy Heart, the film that led Jeff Bridges to an Oscar. The cast is completed by Rory Cochrane, Jesse Plemons, Dakota Johnson, Kevin Bacon and Peter Sarsgaard.

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The movie is available on HBO Max and you can’t wait another minute to enjoy it.

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