The illegal use of cell phones by Amber Heard’s team in the trial against Johnny Depp is investigated


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The most notorious trial of recent days is still standing, despite the fact that last April 15 there was a break. The most recent update between the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard revealed some illegal practices of the actress’s team, which ended with the expulsion of her best friend.

During the following weeks, the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will take place, and so far evidence has been presented about the actress’s infidelities with Elon Musk, James Franco, and an alleged infidelity with Jason Momoa. His legal team has responded with testimonies and evidence of the actor’s violent acts towards his ex-partner.

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The votes on the television networks that broadcast the trial lean in favor of Johnny Depp. However, it is still too early to know the full picture of what happened in their 6-year relationship. The most recent update from the court in Virginia says that on April 15 they expelled two young people who supported Depp.

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It all started when they checked the cameras, as they realized that Eve Barlow, Amber Heard’s best friend, who leaked information from within, when she wrote by sending text messages from her cell phone that it was strictly prohibited to use within the facilities.

Amber Heard loses the support of her best friend in the trial against Johnny Depp

The person who sent the information was Christina Taft, leader of the “Amber Heard Fan Squad”, who was outside the courthouse. The woman got names, jobs, posts on social networks where they spoke ill of the actress, of her followers who were inside the place. Barlow sent this information to The NY Post, which did a story about it.

After the expulsion of the followers of Johnny Depp, the truth was revealed, because the defense of the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, filed a motion for the actress’s best friend to be expelled from the trial. The judge agreed, and now Barlow has a restraining order. At the moment there is no evidence that Heard was involved, but investigations continue.

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The investigation revealed that Amber Heard’s legal team may also have used the cell phones illegally inside the courthouse. Fans commented that, during the broadcasts of the trial, the actress and her best friend were passing “letters”. The case will resume on April 17.

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